Grilled Tomatoes with Feta & Dill

grilled tomatoes

In honor of yesterday’s Tomato Art Festival, which is undoubtedly our favorite day of the year in Nashville, I present to you this amazingly simple and insanely delicious grilled tomato recipe.  I may be wrong, but I really think this would make a tomato lover out of any naysayer.  I served this dish with herb […]


Balsamic Bruschetta with Basil Ricotta on Sweet Cornbread Tarts

balsamic bruschetta

I must admit that I am a pretty darn competitive person.  Well, maybe I shouldn’t use the word “competitive” rather something more like “motivated by other people”, so I’m always up for a good challenge.  This year’s recipe contest for the 10th Annual Tomato Art Fest was all things bruschetta!! I didn’t know the “topic” […]


Pickled Shrimp

pickled shrimp

I just love someone who loves to cook as much as I do.    My parents’ church is like an entire congregation of cooks and food loving parishioners.  Their coffee hours are so far from cheese puffs and fruit punch and more like a culinary exhibition of the most delicious spreads.  Father Ray and his […]


Tomato Tart with Three Herb Garlic Crust

tomato tart sweet

In exactly three weeks my family and I will be kicking in East Nashville for the 10th Annual Tomato Art Fest.  I can hardly wait!!  It is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year in Nashville!  From now until then I will continue to be very inspired by the amazing-ness of the tomato! […]


Favorite Things Friday – A Tomato Inspired Wedding from Southern Weddings

FTF tomato collage

DO WHA?! An entire wedding themed around the gorgeous colors, flavors and varietals of the beloved tomato………I DO!!!!!! Today for my Favorite Things Friday I am sharing this unbelievable Tomato-themed wedding from Southern Weddings. All photos and text from this point forward are credited to Southern Weddings and their vendors, but given my insane love for […]


“The For Real, Friel” – An Award-Winning Homage to My Gardening Granddaddy

Tomato Fest 2

Winner winner tomato sandwich dinner!! This year’s Tomato Art Fest was so much fun for our family.  It was a beautiful day with gorgeous weather and I walked away a winner!!  I’m not quite sure what prompted me to put an entry into the recipe contest hosted by Nashville Farmers’ Market, but after seeing the schedule […]


Caprese Stack with Pesto

caprese stack

Caprese salad is undoubtedly my FAVORITE summertime dish and since it is Tomatofest 2012 at the Hardin house, I can eat it every night if I want to……..probably won’t, but I can if I want to.  I recently changed it up a little by using pesto I had on hand rather than fresh basil leaves […]