Garden Fresh Pasta

garden fresh pasta

4 days from now, friends, barring no major problems, I will be holding our sweet new baby boy  in the hospital (or at home if for some very unlikely reason he decides to come sooner).  But today I am at the house on our last weekend at home before we become a family of four […]


Zucchini & Tomato Saute with Parmesan and Basil

tomato and zucchini saute

CSAs this week are filled with gorgeous green zucchini and now that the early tomatoes are ripening, it is the perfect time to make a super simple, but tasty saute.  Just like the Sauteed Shrimp & Feta dish, this is another dish that is great for any night of the week, because it is very […]


Sauteed Shrimp & Fennel with Lemon Thyme Sauce and Feta

shrimp and fennel

When it’s 98 degrees outside, who really wants to spend hours in the kitchen making dinner when after work chores involve watering the flowers and garden, running around the yard, washing camp clothes, bath time to  make the mornings run smoother, and early bed times for our little guys to recharge their energy for another […]


Homemade Pizza Sauce

pizza sauce2

We just wrapped up yet another fun-filled Labor Day weekend at the lake with my entire family. The weather cooperated a lot more this year than last, so we actually got to spend a lot of time on the lake.  Last year it was just a rainy, soggy mess of a weekend, but to all […]


Olive Oil & Herb Spaghetti


 I just can’t get enough of my fresh herbs right now and recently shared the easiest and tastiest spaghetti with all the readers on What’s Cooking with Ruthie for my monthly guest contribution.  For this dish, I used whole wheat spaghetti noodles, but really any thin pasta will do.  Simply boil your noodles (I always […]


Tomato Tart with Three Herb Garlic Crust

tomato tart sweet

In exactly three weeks my family and I will be kicking in East Nashville for the 10th Annual Tomato Art Fest.  I can hardly wait!!  It is absolutely one of my favorite days of the year in Nashville!  From now until then I will continue to be very inspired by the amazing-ness of the tomato! […]


Tarragon Chicken Salad

tarragon chicken salad

If you don’t know, now you know, y’all! Have you ever met a Southerner that’s not proud to be from the South?  Well, maybe you have, but I, for one, am a proud Southern girl!  Now, I don’t sit around on my front porch barefoot sipping sweet tea and eating fried chicken, but I will […]


Italian Chicken Spaghetti with Red Wine Sauce


I’m not very good about make-ahead meals.  Even though I know they aren’t, they just sort of feel like leftovers to me and I kind of feel robbed of my therapeutic time in the kitchen at the end of the day, but sometimes it is absolutely inevitable (and quite convenient) to have dinner ready in […]


“Thyme to Share” – Gifting Your Herbs


If you’re reading this post and it is April 26th, 2013, the movers are at our house loading up our furniture as we make our way back to Nashville after 4 years in Clarksville.  This is such a bittersweet day for us because we have made so many incredible memories at our home.  I have […]


Goat Cheese & Basil Mashed Potatoes

basil and goat cheese

We just got back from such a fun, impromptu trip to Lexington with Drew.  Life around here has been a little hectic with work and our house being on the market, looking for a house, keeping our house clean, etcetera, etcetera…….so, I kind of jumped at the opportunity for Hunter Bear and me to tag […]