Slow Cooker Pulled Barbecue Chicken

chicken barbecue sandwich

What goes together like 4th of July and fireworks?! Barbecue and cornbread, of course.  This slow cooked chicken barbecue is not only delicious and perfect for all your patriotic festivities, it is also EASY.  You can literally “fix-it and forget-it” while you spend the day swimming, slip and slidin’ and slurpin’ on some festive sips! […]


Coconut & Mango Sweet Rice

coconut & mango sweet riceB

Last week I shared this Coconut & Mango Sweet Rice recipe on What’s Cooking with Ruthie and today I’m sharing it with you!!   As you all well know, we recently moved and in an effort to truly clean out the pantry, I came across my bag of Jasmine rice way back in the back of the […]


Goat Cheese & Basil Mashed Potatoes

basil and goat cheese

We just got back from such a fun, impromptu trip to Lexington with Drew.  Life around here has been a little hectic with work and our house being on the market, looking for a house, keeping our house clean, etcetera, etcetera…….so, I kind of jumped at the opportunity for Hunter Bear and me to tag […]


Easy Garlic & Herb Bread


This bread is surprisingly simple to make and doesn’t call for a complicated bread machine.  I will say that it could stand to have three rises to get a less dense bread that would be better for slicing rather than dipping, but in any case it makes an excellent flavorful bread that is great with […]


Honey & Chive Fromage Blanc

fromage blanc

If I had any clue that making gourmet cheese would be this easy I would have started a lot sooner and saved myself a lot of moolah! In my recent chef’s kitchen adventure with Chef Will Uhlhorn of Table 3 Restaurant & Marketplace, where he taught me how to make Oeufs Sur La Plat he also […]


Creamy Bacon and Tomato Grits


  I know what you’re thinking…….”Cream, bacon? May have to skip this one until my healthy New Year’s resolution has finally taken effect.”  Well, guess what?! Think again!!!! Now, I’m not claiming this is the healthiest dish if you resolved for completely clean-eating, but for creamy grits it sure has most other recipes beat in the […]


3-Ingredient Breakfast Casserole

breakfast casserole

This is truly a family favorite at my house and makes the PERFECT breakfast for Christmas morning. You can put it together the night before and set it out for about 10 minutes while the oven preheats and then let it cook while you open your gifts. It is easy to serve, easy to eat […]


Dutch Oven Slow Cooked Pulled Pork Loin

Pulled Pork Loin

Stuffed pig! That is pretty much what the holidays make me feel like.  Self will, be gone and Stretchy Pants, get ready for action.  My Christmas countdown also contains a bit of excitement for the countdown until the holiday excuse for overindulgence ends and I can get back on track with my normal daily food […]


Easy Sausage Cheese Balls

sausage balls

There are a few things in this world that no matter the diet nor time of day nor time of year that I simply CAN NOT resist.  And here they are: pizza, rotel dip, hashbrown casserole and my all-time favorite sausage cheese balls.  I rememeber being at Christmas party when I was kid and strategically […]


Caramel Chocolate Truffles

caramel chocolate truffles

So until I checked my calendar, I assumed my latest sugar craving could be blamed on that 28-day monster, but sadly I was just simply craving chocolate truffles or perhaps it came be blamed on the fact there is some sort of chocolate lurking its ugly head at EVERY corner with Halloween on the horizon.  I guess it’s […]