French-Inspired Crafty Mother’s Day Luncheon


I originally featured this party in Nashville Lifestyles Magazine in May 2011 and is making a reappearance on the blog to help get your creative energy flowing for your upcoming Mother’s Day brunch!!! “When it comes to party planning, I say it’s better to make it than to buy it.  Digging into your own creativity allows […]


“Thyme to Share” – Gifting Your Herbs


If you’re reading this post and it is April 26th, 2013, the movers are at our house loading up our furniture as we make our way back to Nashville after 4 years in Clarksville.  This is such a bittersweet day for us because we have made so many incredible memories at our home.  I have […]


DIY Wall Art

DIY silhouette

Year after year I stroke a check to Elle Decor, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Southern Living, Traditional Home, Martha Stewart Living, the subscription list goes on and on and now that we have Pinterest and Houzz at our smart phone fingertips, I can be connected to the world of home design 24/7.  While I am […]


Crafty Easter Table for the Kids

kids table3

 What’s a family meal without a kids’ table?! Well, if you have kids that is.  Kids tables can be fun and crafty, but don’t have to be so “kid friendly” that it takes away from the aesthetic of your “Big People” table.  For last Easter’s kids table, the kids made an egg tree with their […]


Easter Crafts & Cocktails

easter craft table3

  So I had this great idea a couple years back to have an “Easter Crafts and Cocktails” party, but as life would have it, the invitations were made, but never sent due to – you know – life getting in the way and it not working out; however, I haven’t let go of the […]


Our House – A Before/After Bathroom Reveal

bath collage

You know what I think is pretty nasty? My old bathroom.  Now the cabinets probably looked a bit spiffier back in 1987, so I can’t be too mad at them and like many of us middle-agers, they could get a little push into this century with a small makeover.  What I can’t under any circumstances […]


Pomegranate Bellini and DIY Festive Champagne Glasses

pomegranate bellini

“She’s crafty, she gets around….She’s crafty, all over town!”  Not me exactly, but I would say that I can be crafty (and thrifty) every now and then.  As for being all over town, I can say that is partly true, because I have been all over town hitting up every Dollar Tree for their pretty green glassware.  […]


Drew’s DIY – Tobacco Barnwood Folding Table

Tobacco Barnwood Folding Table

Picture it, my garage dark and dusty, full of junk, and the only place I had to do laundry…….until one beautiful day my husband said “Honey, I know you are tired of having to do laundry in the garage” at which point I was certain he was going to say “So, how about I do […]