Snowball Cookies

snowball cookies

“I’m so sick of this snow!”  The complaint heard round the world.  Well, maybe not around the world, but at least in my house.  This is the first winter in a long time that Nashville actually got a substantial amount of snow.  “Snowdome” we are no more.  During one of the 10 snow days stuck […]


Icing for Santa’s Cookies

cookie party8

This year Hunter had his great buddy Parker over to decorate cookies for Santa.  We set the table ready to decorate with pre-baked cookies, lots of sprinkles and, of course, red, green and white icing.  Those little cookie monsters had a blast and even left a few for Santa to set out tonight!! We better […]


Cookie Scrap Cookies

cookie scrap cookies

Ever wonder what to do with all those cookie scraps when you are making your rollout cookies? Grab some milk chocolate chips from the pantry, flatten out the dough and wrap it around the chocolate chips!!!! Ingenious!! Just pop them on the baking sheet with the other cookies, bake for 10 minutes and you have […]


Shortbread Cookie Sandwich with Caramel Chocolate Ganache and Smoked Almonds


Thanks to the organization of the very talented Lindsay Landis of Love & Olive Oil and Julie Deily of The Little Kitchen, the 2012 Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap was a great success with over 400 food bloggers baking up a storm and sending cookies across the world. Along with the success of the event, […]


Best Rollout Cookies


You know what day is sometimes the best day to take a vacation day from work?  The unplanned one in the middle of the week (or in my case the beginning of the week) to just get stuff done! That is what today was for me.  The plan I created for my day looked a […]