Watermelon Mint Tea ‘Tini

watermelon mint tea martini

Summer is upon us and that means warm weather and iced tea on the porch!  The Republic Tea has outstanding iced tea blends that are perfect for a hot Summer day and can even be used to create a refreshing cocktail for those muggy nights.   This cocktail made with their Watermelon Mint Iced Tea […]


Strawberry Bellini

strawberry bellini

It is that glorious time of year where the strawberries are in overabundance and the stores practically give them away.  They are ripe and delicious and can be used for so many dishes.  Before Steeplechase this last weekend, we had our crew over to our house for brunch and we got the day started with […]


Easy Fruity Sangria

sangria glassB2b

I recently shared this Easy Fruity Sangria that my sister-in-law brought to our Easter dinner this year for my monthly contribution on What’s Cooking with Ruthie.  Angie is usually always told to “just bring a bottle of wine” to contribute to family meals because her lovely sister-in-laws (who will remain nameless) tend to take over […]


Orange Splash Cocktail – Courtesy of Southern Sophisticate


 My friend Stacie has been a part of my life professionally and personally for many years.   No matter what creative venture I choose to throw at her, she has always been 100% supportive of my endeavors. It all started with her noticing my love for cooking and entertaining way back in 2006 and bringing […]


Pomegranate Bellini and DIY Festive Champagne Glasses

pomegranate bellini

“She’s crafty, she gets around….She’s crafty, all over town!”  Not me exactly, but I would say that I can be crafty (and thrifty) every now and then.  As for being all over town, I can say that is partly true, because I have been all over town hitting up every Dollar Tree for their pretty green glassware.  […]


Winter White Sangria

winter white sangria

I KNOW I have said many time before, but I LOVE red wine!! My love for this gorgeous vino surpasses time of day or time of year.  Give me a good heavy Napa cab at 58 degrees and color this girl happy.  HOWEVER…….I realize that not everyone shares the exact same love as I do, […]


Thirsty Thursday – Sparkling Mojito with Prosecco

Sparkling Mojito

Food Thoughts of a Chef Wannabe a fellow food blogger invited all her food blogging friends to add a drink recipe to her Thirsty Thursday Facebook post.  I have been wanting to recreate the AWESOME sparkling mojito that my sister and I slightly overindulged on at Casa Marina while we were on our sister-sister vacay in Key West […]


I’m Such a “Jerk” – Lychee Mimosa

Lychee Mimosa

I went to Jamaica with every intention of coming back with an authentic Jamaican recipe to share on my blog.  I made arrangements with Chef Andre to meet  for a cooking class at our resort and learn how to make classic jerk marinade and as vacation would have it the only knowledge of anything “jerk” that I came […]