Butternut Squash Ravioli with Sage Brown Butter

butternut squash ravioli2

  Oh, Butternut Squash, how I love thee!!!! Such an oversight for so many years and then after one initial attempt in the wee years of my cooking experience that resulted in a nearly chopped off finger, broken knife, busted peeler and WAY overseasoned curry butternut squash soup, I didn’t give it another thought until […]


Holy Smoke! – Roasted Root Veggies with Smoked Olive Oil

roasted veggies3e

Generally the only thing smoking in my house is my hot-bod (yeah right) or the kitchen when Drew decides to cook (just kidding, he never cooks).  I am not really a fan of smoked food, but I was recently given a bottle of Holy Smoke Olive Oil from a dear friend, Johnnie, who has been a huge […]


“They’re white carrots, Boogey” – Sauteed Parsnips with Baby Bellas & Onions

sauteed parsnips

  If you try to tell me that you have never told your child a little white lie to get them to behave, eat their food, not eat something, clean their room, be nice to their siblings, or any other behavior we would like to control in our kids, you are the one telling a […]