Sweet Balsamic Tomato Crepes

tomato crepes2B

  My memories of crepes go way back to my childhood.  Crepes Suzette was my dad’s special dish at the end of one of my parents’ dinner parties.  As kids it was the most exciting thing to watch him at work making that DELICIOUS dessert.  The moment that the flame hit the liqueur sauce in […]


Goat Cheese & Ricotta Mini Toasts with Persimmons


I love New Year’s Eve, I really do……BUT I kinda feel like it is a bit overrated and we tend to set kind of unrealistic expectations as to how wonderful the night should be.  Don’t get me wrong, though, I love the idea of spending the evening with great friends and kissing the one you love […]


Caprese Stack with Pesto

caprese stack

Caprese salad is undoubtedly my FAVORITE summertime dish and since it is Tomatofest 2012 at the Hardin house, I can eat it every night if I want to……..probably won’t, but I can if I want to.  I recently changed it up a little by using pesto I had on hand rather than fresh basil leaves […]