Southern Living Idea House


There is no place like home and there is definitely no place like this Southern Living Idea Home!!!  I was invited last summer along with other local bloggers to a blogger only sneak peek of the amazing 2013 Southern Living Idea Home at the Fontanel just a short drive from downtown Nashville.  The house is […]


2002 Kelham Vineyards Merlot – The 5-year wait is over!!


 “There might be a little dust on the bottle…….just one of them thangs that gets sweeter with time”… Five long years ago after only a few months of dating, I dragged my slightly-reformed Corona and Crown-loving hippy boyfriend to the rolling hills of the most gorgeous place in the United States, if not the world […]


Family Fun Day at Pharmacy Burger and the Nashville Flea Market

Black bean burger and sweet potato fries

So many families can relate that you start every Monday thinking about all the things that you didn’t get accomplished over the weekend that you will add to your list for next weekend.  We live a week-to-week life these days and it has truly become a Monday to Sunday gameplan.  Monday through Friday we go to […]


Caprese Stack with Pesto

caprese stack

Caprese salad is undoubtedly my FAVORITE summertime dish and since it is Tomatofest 2012 at the Hardin house, I can eat it every night if I want to……..probably won’t, but I can if I want to.  I recently changed it up a little by using pesto I had on hand rather than fresh basil leaves […]


Thirsty Thursday – Sparkling Mojito with Prosecco

Sparkling Mojito

Food Thoughts of a Chef Wannabe a fellow food blogger invited all her food blogging friends to add a drink recipe to her Thirsty Thursday Facebook post.  I have been wanting to recreate the AWESOME sparkling mojito that my sister and I slightly overindulged on at Casa Marina while we were on our sister-sister vacay in Key West […]


Mommy & Bear Bear Day – A Free (mostly) & Fun Nashville Adventure

Now off to our next destination!

Since he was born, Hunter and I have shared Mommy & Bear Bear Day once a week.  It is our special day that we spend together.  I love going into his room that morning and say “Do you know what today is, Boogey?”  Now that he is old enough to understand and remember, I get […]


I’m Such a “Jerk” – Lychee Mimosa

Lychee Mimosa

I went to Jamaica with every intention of coming back with an authentic Jamaican recipe to share on my blog.  I made arrangements with Chef Andre to meet  for a cooking class at our resort and learn how to make classic jerk marinade and as vacation would have it the only knowledge of anything “jerk” that I came […]


A Happy Return to Key West – Key Lime Pie Martini


So, if this post is up it means that I am officially wheels up Nashville and wheels down Key West.  My sister and I are headed on a MUCH NEEDED mommy vacay and it just so happens that we are also headed to see a very dear friend of ours, Sarah get married to a wonderful […]


A Perfect Day for a Picnic at the Zoo

Quinoa Pilaf with Sauteed Vegetables and Spring Salad

We love the zoo! I mean who doesn’t love acres and acres of wild animals running around aimlessly? Oh, and we are pretty fond of the 4 legged-kind, too.  A day at the zoo for my family usually involves a big token purchase for the train and carousel, an animal shaped juice concoction, lots of running and […]