Pattern Power: An Easy Paper Product Easter Table for the Kids

kids table

So, your Easter table is set and ready with your finest fare, but if your family is anything like my family, we have three Easter bunnies under the age of 8 (with another baby bunny on the way) and you know what that means……spill, drop, break…..crazy, so even though they are still a little too [...]


Any Store Easter Tablescape


It’s spring.  It’s Easter.  It’s time to pull out all your colorful stops for a bright and super cheery Easter table.  Any store and I mean ANY store you go into has some sort of Easter decor, so give you a one-stop shop for your table needs would kind of be impossible.  Well,  for my [...]


Chocolate Sour Cream Bundt Cake with Ghirardelli White Chocolate Glaze

chocolate bundt cake

Two words come to mind when I think about this cake……..Crazy and Devil.  There is an old saying that says “The devil is in the details.”  That is definitely a very true statement for me and my life.  Details are the things that I just can’t disregard.  I am planner and seem to have a [...]


Sweet Gender Reveal Party

tablescape for gender reveal party

So when we went to the doctor for our first ultrasound and to hear the heartbeat of this little “surprise” in my belly, I was a little surprised to learn that we were being scheduled for a new test called MateriT21.  Since I am now a “mature” pregnant woman (most days my maturity level still [...]


Breakfast Pie with Flaky Herb Crust

breakfast pie

The holidays are officially upon us, so that means it’s time for lots and lots of brunch, lunch and dinner recipes!  We’re “brunchers” at our house and I just love a great recipe that can take you from early morning to mid-day and especially perfect to entertain a crowd with.  Whether it is a casual [...]


Healthy Thanksgiving Side Dish Recipe Round-up

side dish collage

So you are in charge of bringing a side dish to your Thanksgiving dinner and really want to put something on the table that you can feel good about!  Here are 4 healthy side dish alternatives that will leave the stitching on your pants thanking you!! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!! XO! Amanda Sugary glazed carrots can glaze [...]


Thanksgiving Giveaway – Sucre’ Signature Macaron Collection


So, I realize this might be macaron blasphemy, but it wasn’t until very recently that I actually ate my first macaron.  I’m not quite sure what I thought I would expect, but after sampling the Signature Macaron Collection from the super popular Sucre’ bakery in New Orleans did it hit me in the face what [...]


A Thanksgiving Celebration: Sponsored Post


Hunter has been telling me every day for the last week that his school “Thanksgiving Festival is next day” and I have to keep telling him that his “feast” is still; however, many days away. I love that he is so into Thanksgiving this year because it is truly my favorite day of the year!! [...]


Clean & Classic, Yellow & Gray Bridal Shower: Sponsored Post

party collage

For years, I have had a huge love for entertaining.  While throwing super extravagant parties with no budget and endless options sounds great in theory, the reality is that it’s not an option for me.  I would like to think that I have somewhat mastered the art of making a little seem like a lot. [...]


Target Wedding “Be Yourself, Together!”


This is a sponsored post by Target, but all the opinions are my own.  Follow the fun #TargetWedding!!!! So we just celebrated our 5-year anniversary.  At our wedding we were showered with lovely gifts that have really been put to use over the years, but I must say, those towels…..not quite as soft and fluffy as [...]