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As stated best by my beloved Granddaddy, “If God didn’t invent perpetual motion; Amanda sure did the day she was born.” I have one speed and that is busy.  First and foremost I am the proud mommy to my precious Hunter Bear, a quick-witted charming blue-eyed boy who is the carbon copy of my hunky blue-eyed husband Drew, and our newest addition Baker Love Muffin who has not stopped since they day he was born, so he just so happens to be the carbon copy of me….watch out world!  Their daddy is the love of my life and definitely may be the only one with the most patience for my personality.

When I am not cooking, gardening, or planning parties, I have spent the last 13 years as a nerdy bean counter at an insurance firm in Nashville.  My work family is as much my family as my own and I feel very blessed to come to work at a place where there is genuine love and concern for each other’s lives.  After all the “work” is done, I head home and slip on my apron and get to “work” again.  Neither feels a whole lot like work, but I have to call it something.  Nonetheless, when it comes to my life I try to live by the philosophy of my Granddaddy, who also serves as my biggest gardening inspiration “When it becomes work, I quit” (except for the paying one, of course, unless I win the lottery).

My boys tend to be the victims test subjects and the sometimes  pro bono hired help of all my shenanigans whether it is my latest kitchen creation, home improvement projects, gardening glories or party planning.  I was raised in a home with great appreciation for gourmet cooking and until I was the one paying, I never fully appreciated the power of a home-cooked meal that “we could make as good or better as what we could get at a restaurant”.  I constantly look to my dad for inspiration in the kitchen and have lots of respect for my incredibly talented mother and sister, who are not only fabulous seamstresses, but also quite the gardeners as well.  My little brother has yet to jump on board with all of our hobbies, but he is forced to indulge us at family get togethers or else he is left with nothing on his plate.

I love all the things that bring us together in life.  I love planning menus for family gatherings be it holidays, birthdays or any kind of celebration, spending hours in the kitchen to bring it all to life, setting a beautiful table for the meal, and adding personalized details to create lasting memories of love and fellowship.  It would be a slap in the face to my full-bodied friend to not mention my love for red wine.  Red, white or sparkling, it always plays a central role in all our gatherings; casual, formal or for no reason at all. No matter the occasion, I want all time spent with my friends and family to be a special experience from which to create lasting memories.

I started this blog as a way to chronicle the many “hobbies” of my life all in one place and honestly because I think my Facebook posts and photo albums were getting a bit excessive.  (I am sure my friends would agree.)  And so High Heels to Hot Wheels was born and I am now free to invade the entire world of cyber space with my busy life as a mom, career woman and professional “hobbyist”.    Thank you for stopping by!


I work with brands and companies on recipe development, food and party styling, brand ambassadorships, giveaways/reviews, and company events! Email Amanda to get started!

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“The Professional Chef”

Aly Greer of Backyard to Ballroom

I’m Aly Greer, Chef & Owner, and I’ve always loved experimenting with food. In 2010, I received by Bachelor of Science in Restaurant & Hospitality Management from the University of Alabama and became a Certified Hospitality Supervisor. After returning to Nashville, I completed an amazing internship at Bricktop’s where I learned more than I could ever imagine about the importance of great customer service and consistency. Nobody does it better!

Upon completing my degree and internship, I crossed the Atlantic and landed in Paris for culinary school at Le Cordon Bleu. I learned all of the basics from the French masters and ate every pastry in sight. After a little more eating and traveling, I was ready to return home and find a new opportunity in a professional kitchen. I began working at Table 3, a French bistro that had just opened in Green Hills at the time, and it was the perfect fit. I had a wonderful time cooking in this fantastic restaurant.

In a sad twist of fate, however, Table 3 had a tragic fire eight months after opening and was forced to close down for a while. Although I planned to return upon the reopening, I began catering and cooking for families in the meantime and loved it so much that I decided to launch Backyard To Ballroom Personal Chef Services. All of these opportunities have led me to this point, and I look forward to cooking and serving you in the future!  Connect with me on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

“The Legendary Libationist”


 Stacie Standifer of Southern Sophisticate

To say that Stacie Standifer of Southern Sophisticate is a cocktail expert would be an understatement of mass proportions.  Nary a day that you walk into her gorgeous Nashville home that she shares with her Grammy award winning song writer/music publisher husband is she not armed and ready with a gorgeous, flavorful concoction for her guests.  From infusing her own liquors to creating her own mixers using fresh herbs, citrus and spices, Stacie has a true talent for mixology.  Her passion for all things entertaining comes naturally, but has also been fueled by a catalog of experience as founder and publisher of Nashville Lifestyles Magazine for many years.  Now “retirement” has been taken on in the form of solid domesticity and food and beverage business consulting and she plans to share all her great ideas with her readers on Southern Sophisticate and all of us here at High Heels to Hot Wheels.  Connect with Stacie on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.

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