Simple Rustic Christmas Tablescape


We are nearing our third Christmas in our house and each year the decor is a little different.  Not sure if I just haven’t found my groove or if the creative challenge of changing it up each year gets my jingle bells rolling.  This Simple Rustic Christmas Tablescape had to be simple for one very simple reason…..we had just moved into the house in 2014 about two weeks before Christmas, most everything we owned was still in boxes and I had a newborn to contend with.  Not to mention that the kitchen was completely under renovation.

Anyway, this particular year was a hodgepodge of items I could get my hands on all thrown together to try to achieve some sort of cohesive look.  My sister gave me the rustic wood box, which served as the centerpiece with clear vases filled with evergreen and Star of Bethlehem flowers.


The candlesticks could have used a little polishing, but I can’t seem to get them quite shiny enough after years of use, so now I just leave them the way they are for a little rustic character.  I honestly can’t tell you how long I have had the candlestick toppers….I really think they date back to post-college when I decorated my very first house.  Which was only like a few years ago…..I wish!  

My Lenox Holiday plates are truly some of my favorite dishes and luckily were easy to find.  Paired with gold chargers they are stunning, but they can also be dressed down and not too fancy for a more casual set up.


A few years ago, I was certifiably a Dollar Tree-aholic!  I remember saying to myself as the cashier asked me for $109.50 (that includes sales tax) “who in the world could possibly purchase 100 items at the Dollar Tree”…..well, that would be me, but I will tell you, I made Christmas gifts for days including these painted wine glasses that I use year after year.  And since they aren’t totally Christmas, I can use them throughout the winter including for our annual New Year’s Day brunch.

place setting

After initially setting the table with gold chargers, I decided it was missing another wood element, so I found these wood chargers online  (a massive impulse purchase with very rushed shipping due to said move and baby and craziness and chaos) and think it really brought it all together.  At least the table was together even if I was still a mess.


When we were children, my mom handmade all of our Christmas stockings from kits.  We all still have ours to this day.  Once grandchildren came along, she continued the tradition and they all have their very own stocking.  I was so excited this year to hang Baker’s next to the rest of us.

The Christmas tree worked double time as I used the trimmings to line the mantle and tossed in some footed pots from Anthropologie that became available to use after my herbs were done for the year.  Glass ornaments laid in the pots next to large clear vases filled with evergreen trimmings and gilded sticks.  The string lights provided a nice glow above the fireplace.

Well, that’s all for this particular year.  I vowed to decorate for Christmas this year no matter how crazy things were!  Sometimes the thrown together ones are the best ones.  It was casual and cozy and our first Christmas as a family of four!!!

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