“Something Borrowed, Something Blue” – A Sweet Nursery for Baby Baker



July 24, 2014, was the day that changed our family forever!  That was the day that we welcomed our sweet, precious Baby Baker into our crazy world and most definitely into our hearts forever.  He is the sweetest blessing that we never knew we needed until God gave him to us.  For the last five years we thought that we were complete as our family of three, but just as many things in our life, God’s plan was for something more and now we are proudly the Hardin Party of Four!!


Before he arrived, we had lots of preparations to take care of so we would be all ready when we brought him home.  It has been more than evident that we are a bit out of practice with a newborn, but I never pass on an opportunity to stretch my creative mind for design.  Planning and pulling his nursery together was so much fun and I am happy to share all the details with you.  My style for design is a bit like my style for cooking…….uncomplicated gourmet or in this sense imperial design, but on a budget.  I love to find inspiration in magazines, books, and online and then figure out how to get the same look for something quite a bit more affordable.  As with my party planning, I also think that as many personal touches in the boys’ room are a must, too.  I like to think of this room as “Something Borrowed, Something Blue”


The design of the room started with this bedding from Restoration Hardware Baby and Child.  I love the embroidered safari animals and the simplicity of the pattern.  The color scheme of Baker’s nursery is very similar to Hunter’s, but rather than focusing on the light green color as the main color, I went with the light blue for Baker’s with green accents.  I found this simple yet beautiful Kendall crib at Pottery Barn Kids. With the sweet safari theme and color palette in place, the next item I knew I needed was this giant Melissa & Doug giraffe from Target.com.


  Lots of natural light flows into this room, but trust me, there are still wood blinds to come down at night!


 For the wall decor, I wanted something that went along with the “safari” decor without looking like it was right out of Africa.  I wanted subtle and sweet and after lots of searching, I came across an Etsy store with these watercolors called The Daisy Fields.  It was nice to work with the artist to customize some of her pre-made designs to fit my design as well as personalize them for Baker.  I was able to change around the colors to match the color scheme of the room as well as change the orientation of one of the designs, so that the layout would work how I wanted it to hang in the collage.  I think the artist was pleased with my collaboration, because she added my collage to her site as a set.  I purchased the frames for the collage at Target from the Threshold line.


 We added Baker’s initials in the balloons of this sweet picture for a personal touch.


 I don’t know a mommy or daddy who isn’t familiar with this quote from the most precious book “Guess How Much I Love You”.


 Sweet baby elephant on a blue ball!

giraffe picture

 A giraffe picture is a must and this guy looks like he is ready for the fun!


 Hunter has monogrammed valances from his nursery, so I wanted to hang the same thing in Baker’s room.  I found the inspiration for this monogram style on Houzz and had them custom made by an embroider in Murfreesboro. I am absolutely in love with how they turned out!  I think they make such a statement in his room.  I hung a single white panel behind them as to not take away from the monogram.  The decision to go with the light green thread was literally made at the last minute.  I thought for sure that I would go with the light blue and then made a snap decision to change it to green and even though it was more of my accent color, I think it worked out perfectly for the room.

light fixture

We are in a rental right now, but that in no way would stop me from designing the perfect nursery for Baker.  The homeowner was more than fine with us painting and making some changes.  The brass light fixture in the room was a bit out of place and out dated, but I knew it had potential and didn’t want to completely replace it.  As with everything I approach him with, Drew thought I was nuts when I said I wanted to spray paint it white.  Yet again I heard “It’s your vision, babe, I’m just living in it”.  He didn’t dare argue with me and like a good husband did what I said.  He took it down and sprayed it completely with white lacquer spray paint after I lightly sanded it.  I found the burlap shades on BallardDesigns.com to complete the renovation and for about $60 this hideous light fixture was transformed into something great.


I found the bedding on Restoration Hardware Baby and Child and fell in love with the simple pattern of embroidered safari animals.  They featured their bedding with a striped taupe and white crib sheet, but I chose to add a little color with the blue chamois crib sheet from Pottery Barn Kids.  These sheets are a nursery necessity!  They are so incredibly soft and very durable!  Hunter had the light green sheets for his crib and literally just stopped using them in Pre-K for his nap mat.  Trust me, you will love them!


Was the matching pillow really a necessity?  Maybe not, but it sure is sweet with his little name stitched on it and definitely necessary in the rocker for those late night feedings.


I made a custom piece for Hunter’s nursery that I hope will hold up over the years and that he will want to take with him when he is older (tear), so I wanted to do something for Baker, too.  We sold Hunter’s glider a couple of years ago and there really isn’t room in Baker’s nursery for a big bulky chair, so I found this antique rocker that had good bones, but needed some TLC on Craigslist.  My sweet husband drove about 40 minutes away to pick it up for me and then the transformation began.  I had the paint mixed at Home Depot and got to work.  I pulled the fabric off the seat and restuffed it and recovered it with a white matelasse fabric that I purchased on Fabric.com.  It squeaks a bit,  but certainly has lots of character.  It’s always loud around here, so this guy fits right in.


This sweet painting came from Hunter’s nursery and gets along great with Baker’s other safari friends.  The paint color that we used on the wall is barely blue and very subtle.  At first Drew wasn’t convinced that it was even a color, but once the other colors came into the room it really came out, but it so soft and subtle that it keeps the room airy and light. shelf

This piece also came from Hunter’s nursery.  The wood storage boxes are now discontinued from Pottery Barn Kids, but one of the best items I registered for with Hunter.  They are great quality and can really go in any room with any decor.  The fit perfectly on this tall shelf for blankets and towels.


On top of the hand painted dresser from Hunter’s nursery sits his changing pad with the same soft chamois material for the cover as the crib sheet from Pottery Barn Kids.  The mirror was a wedding gift to my grandparents that was passed down to me.  The blue lamp was one of the first purchases I ever made when I bought my first  house.  It was an antique store find and I just think it is the perfect blue color.   hunter

 A giraffe picture for Baker from his big brother Hunter.  I’m not sure I have met a prouder big brother.  Overzealous and in his face at times, but never jealous or frustrated with all the changes in our house.  The gift of siblings is one of the greatest gifts you can give your child for sure.  Pure joy!


I made this piece of furniture for Hunter’s nursery and it fit right in with the design of Baker’s nursery.  I found inspiration from this piece from a beautiful hand painted piece on Well Appointed Home.  That piece was about $4,000 out of my budget, so in true Amanda form, I decided to try to re-create my own piece, but at a MUCH more affordable price.  Thanks to about $100, Craigslist, and Hobby Lobby, I was pretty pleased with the end result and it’s so special that I had the piece to use in Baker’s room.  Now they each have a hand painted piece from their nurseries to keep for their own children (if there wives want it, of course, don’t want to be an overbearing MIL!!!)


 Keeping watch over our baby.  Be sure to check out the You Tube link below for a sweet song for our Baby!  Thanks for letting me share Baker’s nursery with you.


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