Old Meets New: A Table of Gold and Blue

blue and gold8

A few weeks ago I shared my Green and Gold table that was inspired by the gorgeous greens of my yard.  I lined the table with single stems of white hydrangeas in simple glass vases.  I was so pleased with the table that rather than redo it, I decided to replace the wilted flowers and keep it together for a little longer.  I guess there was a total run on white hydrangeas that weekend (is it wedding season or something?) because when I went to order more my supplier was all out of them, so I went with blue hydrangeas instead.  I had them delivered to work on a Friday and rushed home to get them out before my parents got in town to stay with us for the evening thinking that I would just pop them in the vases on the green and white table and be done, but I wasn’t feeling it.  With no extra time to spare before they arrived, I dashed (more like an awkward galloping waddle at this point in my life) trying to redo my table.  I pulled out “Ole Faithful” my gold and white cloth and headed straight to my dish closet and pulled down some dishes and began to reset the table.  Not sure how it was possible, but I managed to pull it together before they arrived and finished the table off with my mom’s special delivery when she arrived.  I really love the old and new elements on the table and how this color combination pulled together.   blue and gold7 As if the simplicity of the white hydrangea isn’t gorgeous enough, I absolutely love the subtle hue of these blue hydrangeas.

blue and gold I found this candelabra a few years back on Etsy.  I was giving a wedding shower with a rustic, farm chic (yes, I made that up) theme and wanted some fun shabby chic items.  With all the moving around of our stuff again lately, I knew exactly where to find it in the basement, so I brought it up, dusted it off and plopped the candles in.  It helped to change up the arrangements of the table a bit from my Green and Gold table and helped pull in the gold hues of the tablescape.

blue and gold3

 I loved the look of the glass vases with the gold ribbon, so when these water glasses with gold ribbon detail popped up on One Kings Lane I HAD to have them!!  Yes, I know that I have bought about 4+ sets of glassware in the last few months, but gimme a break.  I have a problem!!

blue and gold5

 I found this china dirty as can be in a cabinet above my grandmother’s oven years ago and fell in love with it.  She told me that it was her mother’s everyday china that was hand painted “The Gay Macaw” pattern from W.H. Grindley & Co England.  She used it for years and then when dishwashers came around many of the dishes were faded due to the heat and water pressure, but there were still enough that I could use.  I also kind of think the faded ones have quite a bit of character because I know their story.  I layered them over my gold chargers and it really makes the colors pop.

blue and gold6

 In yet another rummaging escapades at my grandparents’ house, I found this beautiful monogrammed Fairfax pattern silver that also belonged to my great grandmother.  I cleaned it up (yes, I know it could use another cleaning) and counted 6 place settings.  It is just so simple and beautiful and I love using it for dinner parties.  I can only imagine all the conversations that took place around the table over the last 100 years or more they have been in use.

blue and gold2

With the table set, I still felt like it was missing something until I remembered that my mom was bringing me these napkins.  They were the finishing touch and definitely the “new” to my “old” tablescape.  After reading the May issue of Southern Living, I found these gorgeous plain blue napkins on an Old Time Pottery excursion and asked my mom to monogram them for me with a single initial inspired by the one I saw here in the article.

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