Peonies and Pizzazz for a Mother’s Day Tablescape


This post really takes me back.  I have been holding onto it for two years now and am just now posting it.  I’m not sure what the hold up was, maybe the picture quality or some other reason, but I think this over-the-top Bollywood-style table is perfect for a Mother’s Day Brunch for the special women in your life.  I hate to say “no boys allowed” with this table since it would leave me eating alone in my house full of boys, but I just think it is a table fit for the queen of the abode.  And for that I say keep the “snail chasing, worm eaters” away and invite over your favorite mommies and celebrate friendship and motherhood with a special  meal.

I created this tablescape at our old house in Clarksville and was given the floral inspiration that started the table assembly with the generosity of my neighbor, who has about 15 peony bushes.  He offered for me to cut some once they started blooming and I conservatively cut one or two gorgeous blooms until he came out with a bucket and said fill it up, so I did…….I had peonies “for days” and was able to put arrangements all over the house.  With all the pink of the flowers, the table just called for lots of shiny gold accessories to make it super girly and sparkle with pizzazz.  

 The place settings were layers of gold dishes.  I started with a gold charger and then added gold filigree plates that I found forever ago on eBay and then topped with an ornate dish for the salad that I picked up at Home Goods Store and then finally finished with a little silver dish, which held the cheese and bread amuse bouche.  I think I originally came from the school of thought that you have your everyday dishes and then your china and that’s all you need.  Well, I have definitely changed my tune over the years and have decided that if you find an interesting plate even if it’s only one, get it.  I love a constantly changing table to fit the mood of whatever occasion you are entertaining for.  I must disclose, though, that this will cause you to need lots of extra cabinet space and a very patient husband to move it over and over again, but I love being able to have an arsenal of dishes to choose from whether they are fine china, a rare flea market find, a hand me down from your grandmother or even a bargain buy at the Dollar Tree.  You can never have too many dishes (says the girl who is still uncovering boxes of dishes after a year and a half).


 Never short on resourcefulness, I simply cut brown card stock and stamped them with my pretty peacock stamp and then wrote out the guests’ names in a coordinating pen.  I hung them on the back of the chairs with gold ribbon, because the table had more than enough going on with the flowers and dishes.  I love that you can make a place card out of just about anything.


 Our climbing rose bush provided additional arrangements to fill up the table and the colors were a perfect complement to the peonies.


I am a rummager and like to scour family basements, dusty shelves of discount stores and antique shops off the beaten path to find gems such as I did with these glasses. They came in this super fancy velvet-lined box, but I walked away scoring them for $15 and then negotiating another 15% off of that with the store owner.  In varying shades of gold and pink, they have this awesome “Bollywood” appeal to them with the ornate painted detail and had more than enough pizzazz for the table.  If you haven’t noticed, my gold damask runner is an absolute staple on my table any time of year or for any occasion.  It is actually a tablecloth from the Martha Stewart line at K-Mart that I picked up years ago, but it is the perfect base to anchor just about any tablescape.


As for the plain white napkins, they were tied with shiny gold ribbon and adorned with gold buttons.  I’m not sure for what purpose I even bought the buttons for, but they served a better purpose as a napkin ring than on some jacket that I would probably only wear once if I needed to replace all the buttons to wear it.

A plethora of peonies calls for a lush centerpiece.  Here’s a little insight into how I created my centerpiece with peonies.


 I started with a bowl that belonged to my great grandmother that was hand painted with 14k gold paint.  In the midst of moves and just life in general, the bowl was knicked and a large piece of one side was broken.  I can’t use it to serve food out of, but it was the perfect piece for this arrangement.  I wanted a low arrangement especially with everything else the table had going on.  The peonies were simply layered on top of each other varying the shades and bloom size until it was full all the way around and over the top.

peoniesB I topped it off with my “I don’t know what I’m going to do with this piece, but I think I need it anyway” terrarium type dome that I found on a random TJ Maxx shopping trip.  With all the gold and color on the table, it helped to break it up and offer a little variety of texture.

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