Pattern Power: An Easy Paper Product Easter Table for the Kids

kids table

So, your Easter table is set and ready with your finest fare, but if your family is anything like my family, we have three Easter bunnies under the age of 8 (with another baby bunny on the way) and you know what that means……spill, drop, break…..crazy, so even though they are still a little too young for the “formal affair”, they still deserve a fancy table all their own.

You don’t have to detest disposable (at least not when it comes to the kids’ table).  In fact, it can be down right cute and most importantly functional and CHEAP! For this year’s “kids’ table”, I put together a plethora of patterns of fun Easter paper products found at Target and Dollar Tree.  With any easy centerpiece using borrowed goods from my patio, these Easter peeps were ready to party.


The place settings were easy.  I simply mixed and matched the plates, cups and napkins bringing in different festive Easter elements and then added one last pop of pattern with brown striped straws that I had leftover from Thanksgiving.  It made for easy set-up and most importantly easy clean up.  I filled the same plastic carrot eggs that I used on the “Big People” table with Easter M&Ms for an easy after dinner treat since the kids generally plow through their meal before we have even taken our first bite.  However, we prefaced the meal that if we caught them eating so much as even one M&M before they were finished all bets were off and no sweets at all after that……I’m sure no one snuck any chocolate.


Who remembers paper plate holders?! I didn’t even know they still existed after 1985 other than deep in the depths of a hoarders closet until I saw them recently at Old Time Pottery.  Paper plates can be so flimsy especially when you buy seasonal paper products inexpensively and there is nothing worse that a plate of half-eaten food folding in and falling all over the floor because it’s short lived life held all the food it could take, so I am back on board with the little wicker holders for sure!  I’m bringing holders back!

Since I was using wooden utensils on the “Big People” table, it was an easy carry over to the kids’ table.  They also made for super easy place cards by writing their names on the handle.  I tied with sheer yellow polka dot ribbon for a finishing touch.


This super easy centerpiece is made using this fun and colorful felt basket that I found at Michael’s Crafts on sale.  I folded the handle into the bottom and then filled it with potted purple flowers that were on my porch table.  It added so much color and life to the table leaving need for little else other than the place setting.

This year I had everyone over for a quick lunch before Boogeyman’s Spring Musical at  school, so even though I am not hosting the official Easter dinner, I still got to share my tables with my family.  The weather was great, the food was tasty and the company was the best!!!  The kids really enjoyed their special table and since the day was nice, they could get up and run around outside while we got to enjoy our lunch with the adults.

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