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It’s spring.  It’s Easter.  It’s time to pull out all your colorful stops for a bright and super cheery Easter table.  Any store and I mean ANY store you go into has some sort of Easter decor, so give you a one-stop shop for your table needs would kind of be impossible.  Well,  for my table at least it would be!  Over the last 18 months, we have packed and moved boxes of my “things” many, many, many times.  I am finally excited to say that all that “stuff” is in one place and I was surprised (Drew wouldn’t use the word “surprised”) to discover that I had THREE boxes of different Easter stuff that I have collected over the years.  It would appear that it is more than my favorite holiday to decorate for and perhaps it is.  I mean we spend so many months looking at the gray, wet outdoors during winter, so Easter decorating is the time to go crazy with color and pattern.  As if I didn’t have enough already, I still found myself putting item after item of Easter and spring decor in my basket WHEREVER I was, but please don’t tell Drew……he just might lose it!

I found this precious “Happy Easter” pennant banner in the super cute Threshold spring section of Target.  Placed over my giant “H”, I think it makes the perfect backdrop for the tablescape.  I loved the brignt greent and white pattern of  my tablerunner, which is actually a paper tablecloth that I also found at Target and tri-folded it and placed it down the middle of the table.


For the place setting I started with a bright yellow polka dot placemat that I found in the Easter section of Kroger.  I then added a silver charger, plain white plate (which I stocked up on at Dollar Tree because you can’t have too many white dishes, especially when they are $1!!!), and my pastel salad plates topped the trio.  I picked these up in the dollar deals section of Target a few years back and have gotten about $1,000 worth of use out of them!  Remember those pretty aqua glasses that I featured in the Mary Lillie Memory Club Luncheon?  Well, on a trip back to Old Time Pottery, I found great spring green glassware and picked up a dozen tea glasses and well, a dozen MORE wine glasses.  I’m’ sorry at 88 cents each I can’t help myself……Down at the bottom of one of those many Easter decor boxes that I finally had all in one place, I found these plastic carrots.  I think they are likely supposed to be used as eggs for a basket, but I thought they would be pretty cute on the table tied with a little nametag found at, you guessed it, the Target dollar deals section.

What is a spring table without bird’s nests and eggs?!   I found these little birds nests and light blue specked eggs at Factory Direct Craft Supply that finished off the placesetting.  In my arsenal of ribbon, I found this pretty pink and white ribbon that I had leftover from a baby shower and thought it would add another little touch of color and pattern to the table, so I wrapped the napkins and wooden forks from Think Garnish with it and then used the last bit around one of the vases.


Flowers on a spring table should be bright and colorful, but I decided with all the other pattern to simplify the arrangements.  I lined the middle of the table with three simple glass vases and filled them with hot pink tulips and hyacinth, which worked double duty with their amazing scent to add some lovely spring smells to the table.


 The final details of the table were these adorable little knick knacks that I have picked up all over the place.  I think the bunnies came from Walmart a couple of years ago for like 50 cents and I will tell you that Drew looked at me like I was a crazy person when I brought them home and especially after gluing their little ears back on at least 3 times, but wouldn’t you agree that they are just too cute on this table?!

The pretty pastel speckled eggs can be found at lots of places.  I picked up a couple of bags of these at Kroger like a thousand years ago and they just keep on coming around year after year.  I got my precious little chicks this year at Kroger in their Easter section and they might be my favorite part of the table.

decor It’s not Easter at our house without my “chocolate” bunnies.  I really think this is the highlight for Drew each year……(ha ha!), but I LOVE them!!!!

Easter tablescapes don’t have to be expensive or over thought, just grab some color and pattern and put it together.  BUT whatever you do, don’t skip the Easter section at ANY store, because you never know what little jewels you will find that will give you joy year after year…….and a nice spring hernia for your husband who has to pack and move it for the rest of his life.

Looking for a delicious Easter dinner menu?  Well, here you go!  All these recipes can be found on the blog in the recipes section.

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