Sweet Gender Reveal Party

tablescape for gender reveal party

So when we went to the doctor for our first ultrasound and to hear the heartbeat of this little “surprise” in my belly, I was a little surprised to learn that we were being scheduled for a new test called MateriT21.  Since I am now a “mature” pregnant woman (most days my maturity level still seems to live in my 20s), I had to get the test to check for chromosomal and genetic disorders.  This test is done pretty early in your pregnancy and what was even more surprising was to learn that it can detect the gender of the baby!!!! Oh, yeah!!!! From the moment we scheduled the test, I knew without a doubt that I wanted to have a gender reveal party.  Not the kind where the parents know what they are having and the rest of the guests get to guess and find out in some sweet way, the kind where NO ONE knows and we all get to get to find out together.  The idea of Drew running out of the labor and delivery room to announce the gender of our little one is so romantic, but for this super Type A girl, completely absurd, so I looked at this party as the next best option.  I mean, seriously, I have had more than enough surprises lately, so getting 27 weeks to prepare for our precious baby is just fine by me.

The color scheme was clearly easy, so the rest of the details of the party just fell into place.  We have a big open room in our house, which serves as both the living room and dining room and I have now officially deemed it the party room, because it is big and open and perfect for a party.   All attention was centered around the sweets table of delicious pink and blue sugary goodness.

I had the MaterniT21 test on my 35th birthday on the coldest day in Nashville history (driving lost around town in 7 degree weather, going to the wrong building twice and forgetting where I parked my car in an 8-level garage isn’t exactly an ideal birthday) and we were told that it would take 2-3 weeks for the test results, so I planned the party for January 25th………when I got the call after only one week, that party HAD to move.  Thankfully all chromosomal and genetic tests were normal, so when it came to the gender, I had the nurse tell my amazing assistant at work so that she could order the cake for the party and gave her strict instruction that if she leaked the info, her job was DUNZO! Ha ha!!! Boy, did she ever come through with the best poker face right up until the very minute we found out!!!

 There is nothing more refreshing to me than fresh flowers and I knew that I wanted lots of them for our party.  I used hydrangeas, roses, blue delphenium, tulips to bring together the right amount of pink and blue flowers for the arrangements.  I used my white ceramic urn with a bowl insert for the arrangement on the sweets table.  A big burlap wrap added a little variety and helped break up all the pink and blue.

birds nests

I found these adorable bird candle holders at Michaels Crafts store on 40% clearance and they went perfectly with our little bird party theme.  I soaked some wet oasis and took apart two white hydrangea for better coverage and then filled in with tulips, hypercium berries, blue delphenium and roses.  They were just the right size for the bar tables.  Don’t you just love the metal nests?!

flowers2 Flowers, flowers everywhere.  Coordinating arrangements were placed all over the house.  I mean, seriously…….what is better than fresh flowers?  My margarita pitcher was great for the kitchen arrangement and I tied a burlap wrap around another arrangement in the party room for a little continuity.


I found and purchased quite a few different printables online for the party.  The Tomkat Studio did a special gender reveal project for Pottery Barn Kids and and had these chevron circles free to download here.  I purchased the pennant banner download from Hello Brielleon Etsy to coordinate with our invitation.


Blue and pink and pink and blue……it was lots of fun pulling together candy and sweets for the party.  Frosted pink and white animals cookies from Target and blue raspberry twists filled my apothecary jars and sweet pink and blue bird cookies and cupcakes on stacked porcelain cake plates oozed our color scheme all over the sweets table.  The balloon cupcake toppers were downloaded from the TomKat Studio/Pottery Barn Kids party online.  I attached them to lollipop sticks found at a craft store and then I added gray/white bakers twine for the balloon string.

064 What will it be?! Is it a he or a she?!

135 My assistant Sarah lives with four girls, so she had to make it clear that this cake was not for them…….after all, her job was on the line! HA HA!!

140 The Frosted Affair in Green Hills in Nashville made our reveal cake!

119 I had to add a festive touch to our chalkboard on our porch to greet our guests as they arrived.  Now that the table was set, the flowers were done and all details were tended to, it was time for this big momma to get ready!
127 Did you honestly think I wouldn’t have flowers in our room, too?  I needed party inspiration while I got ready, of course!

133 I really tried not to think too much about what I thought this little guy was…….I found this adorable dress and necklace that I thought was pretty neutral at Impeccable Pig, an adorable boutique in Hillsboro Village in Nashville.  Luckily there is room to grow in this for later wear!

And now for the big reveal!!!!!!!!!

It’s a…………….

photo 1 (2)


And Sarah gets to keep her job! Love her and so happy to have a house full of boys! I think it’s fine by me that I get to be the queen of the house and those boys will never understand me! Thanks for sharing in this special day with me!

photo 3

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  1. Congratulations! As always, you did this party to the nines 😉

  2. All the decorations are just so beautiful. I love the balloons on the cupcakes. Just brilliant!

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