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Hunter has been telling me every day for the last week that his school “Thanksgiving Festival is next day” and I have to keep telling him that his “feast” is still; however, many days away. I love that he is so into Thanksgiving this year because it is truly my favorite day of the year!! Not sure if you remember last year when I showed you all my Thanksgiving S.T.A.R method tablescape, but I was pretty darn frustrated that we were living with about half of our stuff because our house was on the market, I said and I quote “if I still have this ”situation” next year because our house hasn’t sold yet, I’m certain I will throw out a black tarp and drop down some food and call it a tablescape, because I will be utterly devastated if it hasn’t sold yet.” Well, I am happy to report that our house has sold, so I won’t put out a tarp, but we are still in a rental for now and the “half of our stuff” that we weren’t able to use at the time has now multiplied to 3/4 of our stuff, so I had to get pretty creative with this year’s table.

So, for the first time in my entire life, our family will be spending Thanksgiving without any grandparent left in our lives. I am certainly sad about this, but I think it’s kind of cool that my parents have now graduated to the official Patriarch and Matriarch of our family. I have so much love and respect for all my grandparents and I know that my child will have the same for my parents, so I want this year to be more of a Thanksgiving Celebration. A day that we will celebrate the lives of those who came before us and for those who will lead our family. Since I decided the central theme of our Thanksgiving this year would be a celebration, I want it to feel more like a party than anything. What better place to go to when throwing a party than Target. Whether it’s to pick up seasonal decor, fun napkins, platters or small items to just fill in the gaps with your tablescape, Target is the perfect stop for your entertaining needs.


This little vignette is the opener to our celebration. Golden leaves are placed in an apothecary jar like this with warm candelight and another jar of glittered pumpkins found in a random box amazingly not at the bottom of the box mountain in our garage.


The first stop at any celebration is usually to get a cocktail. I set up the “bar” on top of my wine rack, which also makes it convenient to the table when we eat dinner. Candies in autumn colors, loose leaves and tealight candles add a little festivity to the set up.

napkin holder

A napkin holder like this is a great way to set out festive napkins.

drinks Don’t you think all celebrations should start out with a glass of champs? This Ruby Fizz is the perfect way to add a little celebration to Prosecco! Don’t you love these adorable striped straws for our cocktail?!


While we are sipping on our Ruby Fizz, my decanter like this will help bring our wine to life that we will eat with dinner. My new personal favorite wine is a Malbec from Argentina. Malbecs are inexpensive and easy to drink and would definitely be a great fit for a Thanksgiving Celebration.


So, let’s move onto the table. As I said before I really had to improvise having so little to work with. There is a gorgeous tree with golden leaves in our backyard and I knew I needed nothing further as far as the arrangements. I really feel like the changing of the leaves helps to symbolize the changing of the guard as my parents take on their official new roles in our family.

passed down plates

Again it was a Thanksgiving miracle that I found my “passed down plates”. These are my Fall plates that belonged to Betty my grandmother’s best friend. They are Royal Staffordshire transferware and she gave them to my grandmother when she got new plates, who in turn gave them to me when she got new plates. I just love to think of all the family meals that were shared on these plates over the last 75 years. It makes me happy that I found my “Fall Dishes” box so that we could use these for our celebration. I also found our cute appetizer plates like these that my sister personalized and gave to us one Christmas and thought they would be great bread plates.

white plates I only have 4 of my “Fall plates”, so I used plain white plates like this for the other place settings. I think that silver chargers like these are so versatile and an absolute must have for entertaining. I am able to mismatch my dishes, but the chargers are the cohesive element that brings it all together. I picked up these fun place setting

vases and candles

After a charity event we attended last summer, I was able to purchase some of the decorative items from the event at their annual Swan Sale. I picked up these gorgeous bud vases and mercury candle holders like these and knew that I would get LOTS of use out of them. They add the perfect amount of candlelight to the table and seem to make the leaves appear as if they are glowing.

cracker collage The final touch to our fun celebration are these adorable Thanksgiving Party Crackers from Target. I think they will be so much fun to break open at the end of an iconic meal. We shall eat dessert like kings with our crowns and other surprise trinkets.

Life is certainly ever-changing and while I am immensely sad that we will now be spending the holidays without some of our favorite loved ones, it is comforting to know that while we are celebrating them here on Earth, they are having a “grand ole time” celebrating all of us in Heaven.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from the bottom of my heart. Thank you for all the love and support you have given my blog over the last year and a half. It has been an absolutely privilege to share with you in all these special moments of life.

All my love,


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