Dream Team Martini

nci7 Hi everyone! This is Stacie from Southern Sophisticate.

I’ve been friends with Amanda for such a long time. We’ve both been through major life changes over the years, and it’s been a treasured process to grow together.  One thing that hasn’t changed is meeting for cocktails at my place, although that location has changed multiple times. Amanda has produced and written multiple pieces for Murfreesboro MagazineNashville Lifestyles and Nashville Weddings…all publications that I envisioned and directed over a span of 14+ years. Now that I’ve stepped back a bit from the magazine world and am putting more time into my own blog and freelance projects, I have even more appreciation for the effort and quality that she puts into this.  Just like her print features, the presentation is perfection and the information totally realistic and helpful. Cocktails may be one area where she hasn’t become an expert since her libation of choice is usually a nice glass of red. So, of course I’m happy to share my latest spirit creation with the followers on High Heels to Hot Wheels. After all, with all that cooking and parenting, sometimes you might need something a little bit stronger than vino!  

So, now let’s get to our cocktail!

Dream Team Martini

Dream Team Martini

As the weather gets cooler, there’s nothing better than meeting a friend for a drink at a cozy little neighborhood bar. For the last 10 years, my most familiar stop has been Park Café (I know Amanda adores Park’s sister restaurant/bar, Eastland Café).  It’s at these places where I become inspired to create something at my number ONE neighborhood bar… my house.  I can’t really do much of the mixing required after sampling concoctions from some of the more trendy hotspots using specialized bitters, whipped egg whites and other complicated ingredients or steps, so I leave those treats for the professionals.

Rosemary & Lavender Infused Vodka

Rosemary & Lavender Infused Vodka

It’s where I’m most comfortable that I can take away ideas for creating innovative drinks that aren’t time consuming or difficult. One of the offerings on Park Café new fall cocktail menu is labeled as “Ring around the Rosemary” – cute title, but truly sophisticated in both taste and appearance. The lovely bartender uses multiple ingredients and a process that’s fun to watch and taste. I’ve mastered a similar temptation (not quite as fancy or detailed) at home with the infused liquor that I have on hand. I’ve experimented and created so many varieties (click here for all the fun details and how-to’s) including an intoxicating combination of Rosemary and Lavender.  My cocktail isn’t a true replica, but it’s definitely our new ‘house’ signature this season.

Dream Team Martini

Dream Team Martini



  1. Pour all ingredients into a shaker with a handful of ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a cocktail glass. Strain into two martini glasses and garnish with lavender or rosemary sprig and/or citrus rind.

Part of the fun in creating a drink is actually naming it. While I don’t do this for most of my experiments, it is a special touch when creating a signature drink for a girlfriend’s gathering or party. Some of the titles I love the most are actually spin offs from the creative names in the book, Highballs High Heels, which has been on my bar for 10+ years. It’s especially fitting on this blog, since they share the same love for HH inspired creativity! Meet me at my “bar” again next month for another fun libation!

Cheers, Stacie

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I’m so excited to bring one of my dearest friends on board to share some delicious cocktails with you each month!  Check out our “Legendary Libationist” on the About page and follow her through her daily life as the resident Expert of Nashville on her blog Southern Sophisticate!



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