Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

cherry cheesecake

In this super-sized world, sometimes it’s kinda nice to downsize.  For Father’s Day my golf-lovin’ husband asked for one thing and one thing only…….to watch the U.S. Open all weekend.  I suppose it would have been pretty nice of Boogey and me to just vacate the premises, but I couldn’t hardly let the man starve or be responsible to make his own food choices.  (One of these days I will tell you about Drew’s Special Slop, but I will save the grotesqueness of that calamity for another day.) So, rather than leaving him alone with his golf, the couch, a 6-pack of Corona and a quiet house, I felt it my wifely duty to get in the kitchen and prepare a Father’s Day Feast.  Hunter and I went to the store early that morning and came back with big plans for an antipasto plate, a surf and turf dinner, and a delicious cheesecake dessert.  (Stay tuned for recipes for the rest of the meal.)

We are still living amongst many, many boxes at our little rental house that may be a little less temporary than I initially had hoped, but we will manage.  Anyway, rather than unpacking said boxes, I find it far more efficient to find a box, dig out what I need and leave the rest of the contents strewn around on the basement floor, so it was pretty easy to spot my little Wilton Mini Springform Pans that have been hidden away in storage for nearly a year.  They are just so darn cute, so I decided rather than make one big cheesecake, I would make minis.  There was even enough to share with the “Big Guy” (Drew’s best friend and additional recipe tester).  I would say that the best part of Drew’s Father’s Day had nothing to do with golf, or the rest of the Big Guy’s clan (+ a few more) that came over right around the 13th hole to visit and run around with light sabers, or all the noise in the kitchen that is quaintly situated about 5 feet from his golf watching lair,  or the constant interruption to fix the busted DVD player so Boogey could watch endless episodes of Scooby Doo, but rather the delectable little bites of cheesecake that really set his day apart from any other day of the year.  Happy Father’s Day, my love, I promise I won’t give away the winner even though the tournament ended 3 days ago and you have yet to finish it.  I hope it was everything you wanted and more!

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 45 minutes

Yield: 8 mini cheesecakes or 16 servings

Serving Size: 1/2 mini cheesecake

Calories per serving: Don\\

Fat per serving: Not as bad as it could be.....jus sayin

Mini Cherry Cheesecakes


  • 3 packages 1/3 less fat cream cheese, softened
  • 4 eggs, room temperature
  • 1/2 - 3/4 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 10 ounces Dannon Oikos Vanilla Greek Yogurt
  • Cherry pie filling
  • For the Graham Cracker Crust
  • 1 1/2 cups crushed graham crackers
  • 1 cup white sugar
  • 1 stick butter, melted


    For the Graham Cracker Crust
  1. In a large bowl combine sugar and crushed graham crackers. Add in melted butter and stir to coat graham cracker mixture. Lightly spray inside of mini springform pans with cooking spray. Divide out about 1/4 cup of mixture per pan. Press mixture on bottom and slightly up sides of pans. Set aside
  2. For the Cheesecake
  3. Preheat oven to 325 degrees F. In the bowl of stand mixture using the beater bar, mix cream cheese on medium-low speed until light and fluffy. Add sugar and continue to cream mixture. Fold in eggs one at a time. Add vanilla and continue to stir.
  4. In a small bowl, whisk Greek yogurt until light and fluffy. Gently fold in yogurt into cream cheese mixture and stir to combine.
  5. Pour cheesecake mixture into prepared pans until slightly above crust.
  6. Place pans in a shallow roaster. Pour about 1/4 cup warm water in bottom of pan. Place roaster in oven and cook about 20-30 minutes. Test cheesecakes by jiggling the pan. If the center is set and jiggles evenly across the pan, they are done. If not, let cook a little longer checking every few minutes or let cook with the oven door open.
  7. Remove from oven. Run a small rubber spatula along the inside of the pan. DO NOT release pan. Let cool on the counter.
  8. Place pans in the refrigerator and let chill for at least 6 hours or overnight. The longer the cheesecake chills, the better it will release from the pan. When ready to serve, release pans and gently lift from the bottom of the pan.
  9. Top with cherry pie filling and serve cold.


I used Wilton Mini Springform Pans for this recipe, but a standard 9" springform pan can be used as a substitute.

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