“Thyme to Share” – Gifting Your Herbs

thyme If you’re reading this post and it is April 26th, 2013, the movers are at our house loading up our furniture as we make our way back to Nashville after 4 years in Clarksville.  This is such a bittersweet day for us because we have made so many incredible memories at our home.  I have shared with you many of the renovations that we have done to the inside of the house, but one of the very best projects we ever completed was our garden.  Not only has it given us the gift of lots of family time spent outside, it also provided  us with GORGEOUS flowers and the most amazing homegrown vegetables.  Our home’s new owners couldn’t be coming at a better time! The flowers are just starting to bloom and the herbs are growing like crazy!!!

We are going to miss our garden and our home, but we also have made some wonderful, life-long friends while we have lived in Clarksville and they were so sweet to throw us a going away party last weekend.  With the thyme growing at an abounding pace, I decided to cut some to share as hostess gifts.  I dampened a small square of paper towel to wrap around the ends, used a sandwich baggie that I trimmed down and tied it up with a thin strand of rope to give it a natural look.  I then grabbed my 2 inch hole punch, my initial stamp and a hole punch and gave this fresh treat a little personal touch.  It was certainly “Thyme to Share” my herbs and I hope they enjoyed one last little treat from our garden.  I do believe I will be taking some “to-go” on our way out of town.

garden collage

Had to sneak one of our little guy in there!

garden collage2

 Garden, you will be missed! Thanks for the memories!

Thanks for the vegetables.

For zucchini, squash and thyme,

For a summer sun that shines,

Remember that your friends  – will come and say “that’s mine”.

We thank you, so much!



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