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For this “Favorite Things Friday” I am sharing with you some of my favorite spring gardening finds.  In less than a month (hopefully) we will have moved back to Nashville just in time for the ultimate spring weather! I love to garden and am a bit sad that we won’t have a full blown garden this year as we will be transitional for just a little bit longer, but I can’t escape being sucked in by really great gardening techniques, gadgets, arrangements and even gardening wear!!! I will be leaving behind my herb garden and hopefully the next person will enjoy it as much as I do, so I will have to get creative with an indoor or container herb garden.  Isn’t this hanging mason jar her garden from Camille Styles the coolest?!  That is totally a doable project and can move with us from place to place…….


I’m also digging this galvanized tub herb garden, too! That is totally transportable for my gypsy family!! FTFbicycle wine rack

So this isn’t exactly a “gardening find”, but it is just too great not to share.  I mean you garden outside and you bike outside, so I guess it fits! Right? I generally cycle indoors, but when we are on vacation at our favorite sunny spot on 30A, we love to rent bikes instead of driving……….BUT if I had one of these handy little wine holders, I just might skip the ole gas guzzler and bike on over to a friend’s for our patio socials with wine in tow!! This cool little guy can be found here on Etsy by the shop Oopsmark.


Fresh cut flowers are my FAVORITE!!!!!! Nothing is cheerier in a house than a fresh flower arrangement.  I have been so lucky the last few years to have fresh cut flowers from early spring to late summer in the house! My favorite flowers and bushes to plants that render the most gorgeous cut flowers are lilacs, peonies, forsythia, hydrangeas, tulips, iris, and roses.  Bradford Pear and Cherry Blossoms are also lovely, too!!  Since I won’t have too many of my own flowers this summer, I love the idea of making arrangements out of plants, herbs and birds’ nests.  I also love how an ordinary glass vase is given a face lift by wrapping it in asparagus and tying it with green ribbon and curly willow although it looks so good it makes me want to eat it.   Speaking of eats………  FTFspringfood

“Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow?”  Around here April 15th is not only the day we take the proverbial kick to the rear with Tax Day, but it is also the “magic” day of planting in the garden.  The chances of another frost or “Dogwood Winter” so they say, have diminished immensely and it’s safe to get your little plants in the ground.  I’m a little sad that we won’t get to have a garden this year with our transition (journey) to our new house, but I am none the less inspired by recipes using delicious fresh garden goodies.  These Honey Balsamic Roasted Carrots from Good Life Eats look delicious!!! And that tart doesn’t look too bad either! YUM!!  Even though we won’t have our own garden goodies, I will DEFINITELY be hitting up the amazing Nashville Farmer’s Market every week and will still share fresh recipes all summer long!

Here are a few more recipes that go from your garden to your table:

Spaghetti Squash Pesto

Spaghetti Squash Pesto

squash tart 2

Garden Fresh Tart

FTFgardening apron And the minute we are at our new house and I can get started on our new garden, this pretty girl will be wrapped around my waist.  How adorable is this gardening apron?!  I love the fabrics and all the handy pockets.  Who says you can’t look your personal best and be covered in dirt at the same time!  This precious apron can be found here on Etsy from Sassyapron shop.


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