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Moving and I have a complicated relationship.  The idea of it doesn’t seem like a big deal in theory, but when you get to the actual execution of it is when the harsh reality that it is never easy, fun, nor without surprises comes about face.  I think so far in my life and only if you count dorms once (which should be more since we had to move in/out at Christmas and in the summer), I have no less than 20 moves under my belt.

Here are some truths I have learned about moving during my latest move:

  • If you ever lose anything and search and search to find it, just move and it will be the first thing you come across every time! Case in point – Michael the Elf on the Shelf….better luck next year little buddy!
  • That crumpled up art work in the back of the closet (or in our case big piece of butcher paper with Hunter’s body outlined like something from a crime scene) will ALWAYS suddenly become your child’s “favorite art forever”.
  • Hell hath no fury like the mom who tries to throw out old McDonald’s toys from the bottom of the toy box.
  • Mark my word……..your husband will suddenly find the need to help your neighbor dig a trench instead of packing the garage……the only room he has been asked to pack!
  • Said neighbors will finally take an interest in the upkeep of their yard right before  you move…….
  • You will never know how dirty your house really is until you move and will then wonder how the word “sold” appears on the sign instead of “condemned”.
  • I will never knock a hoarder again!
  • Always wear a bra and keep a hat handy because when people know you’re moving they will always stop by any time of day even if they’ve never to your house before.  True story!
  • If you’re in your mid to late 30s and think that “pizza and beer” will entice your friends to help you move…..THINK AGAIN!
  • You’re always$500 away from being moved…..even on moving day!
  • I am extremely grateful for all that we have and all that God has bestowed upon us.  We have food on our table, a roof over our head, and clothes on our back and for that I say all this in jest and good humor.  We are truly blessed and are grateful beyond words.  God is GOOD!!!

Not sure that my pics need explanation, but these are the items that I found to be the best when moving.  You can’t see in the pic, but Lowe’s boxes are the BOMB because they have handles that make them SO MUCH EASIER to carry!!!

FTFmoving box3 FTFmoving box FTFmoving box2

I tried several types of packing tape gadgety things, but when it comes down to it the little handheld Scotch tape dispenser is the best!!! It was the only one that didn’t take the skin off all my fingers when trying to tear it off.   FTFmoving tape Who doesn’t love to run across a floor covered in bubble wrap, but for moving purposes this stuff is awesome.  I just wrapped plate after plate (and may have snuck a sheet or two for a little halftime entertainment). FTF moving wrap

These are awesome for shoes! There is a handle on both ends and they are surprisingly sturdy!!!

FTFmoving ziploc Who doesn’t love a Sharpie?! This is the Mac Daddy of Sharpie’s and is my favorite moving marker.  Hunter was amazed at how it wrote on the boxes……the things that amaze you as a child! :}

Sharpie® King Size™ Chisel Tip Permanent Markers, Black, Dozen

And this final essential needs NO explanation….it is ESSENTIAL when moving!

So, I know this was kind of a random Favorite Things Friday, but as we move on this Friday, these are the things that I am totally digging!! We are so excited to be moving home to Nashville!!!

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