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So, it appears to be a trend in the blogging world to have a “Favorite Things Friday” post.  Now, I can’t promise a Favorite Things EVERY Friday, but I will aim high and at least start with one and go from there.  I LOVE books!! I wish that I could tell you that I love to read books, but the honest truth is that the books I love are the ones with big gorgeous pictures of food, home decor, and beautiful parties.  I can LOST in a world of linen and china layered tables, swooping lights strung from trees, gorgeous centerpieces, delicious food and fun party-goers enjoying everything around them.  For my first Favorite Things Friday, I am going to share with you some of my favorite  books new and old.  A couple of the books in my list I have on order and can’t wait to get in the mail, but most of them are books that I absolutely die over!!! I hope you enjoy.  If you see any that you like, there is a little widget in the sidebar to the right with links to all the books! Happy Friday!!!!


This is one of the first entertaining books that I ever received.  I first learned about it from my entertaining-loving friend Stacie of Southern Sophisticate and was given to me my sister Beth for my birthday one year.  The parties are hip and fresh and perfect for any cosmopolitan hostess.

FTF4 Only word one can describe how I feel about this book “OBSESSED”!!!! I have had this book for YEARS and besides the fact that ALL Pottery Barn books are awesome, this book is full of beautiful and laid back ideas for all your al fresco dining parties.

FTF3 I just discovered this  book via Pottery Barn‘s email blast and wish that I would have been in the area to attend the book signing by Danielle Rollins a highly acclaimed and sought after party planner and event designer in Atlanta.  The “Look Inside” feature on Amazon more than confirms why I NEED this book in my collection.  It is filled with gorgeous invitations, monogrammed linens, breath taking centerpieces and much more and I can’t wait for it to arrive!

FTF2 Martha, Martha, Martha!!!! Need I say more?! This 3″ thick book is still bookmarked and I can’t wait for that one day that I can curl up on the couch and read the rest.  Problem.  Every time I start to read it I become obsessed with finding new items for my kitchen like vintage chocolate molds and scour the internet for hours just to get even just a small sample of life as Martha.  I don’t care if it’s behind bars or her highly coveted gardens and properties in Bedford, this woman can do no wrong when it comes to all things entertaining, gardening, housekeeping, decorating…..need I go on?

FTF5 Just as much as I love Outdoor Spaces for my fresh air party ideas, I am just as in love with Dining Spaces for the confines of four walls!! I WILL have a butler’s pantry someday with exposed brick and open shelving with a gorgeous farm table and big giant chalkboard!! Jus’ sayin’!!!!


The cover alone on this book is all I need to want to take a look inside.  The adorable Marina Delio of The Yummy Mummy Kitchen a fellow Top 25 Foodie Moms with Pop Sugar’s Circle of Moms has created a beautiful book that will be released on April 5th.  Her photography is divine and those little girls are just as gorgeous as their mommy!

FTF6 I found this book years ago at Swoozie’s and reference it all the time.  It is a paperback book, so not as much as a coffee table book, but definitely worth buying.  I just want to jump right into every photo and enjoy the food and ambiance.  It is divided into 28 themed events and gives tips and timelines on how to prepare and make every dish.

FTF8 If you don’t know Tara Guerard and all of her fabulousness, you should!!  I seriously covet this woman’s design brain.  I first learned about her in the Charleston Home Magazine with her entertaining contributions and her ideas and parties have more than inspired me! And if I must be honest, I have all but nearly copied a few of her parties from start to finish.  This book is full of real life Southern weddings that she has styled and no detail is left unattended to.  She has an amazing way to “theme” each wedding with subtle elements that are carried throughout.  Her attention to personal detail is unmatched!


I love this book because she has fantastic DIY ideas for all kinds of parties and gives decorating tips and ideas for inside your home as well.  I totally copied her idea to frame sand from all of our different beach trips and hang them as wall art in our bathroom.  Her moss covered party sign inspired me to create pretty moss letters for the church doors of my little brother’s wedding that I designed.

FTF Last but not least is a new book that I purchased today and am soooooooo excited about.  I am attending the Foodista International Food Blogger Convention in Seattle in September and (in my best nerdy voice), I have excitement of epic proportions about attending this event!!!!! Dorie Greenspan is to cookbook writing as Hippocrates is to modern medicine.  She is a shear genius and has written 10 cookbooks, won six James Beard and IACP awards including Cookbook of the Year two times, has co-authored two cookbooks with Pierre Herme’ and (hold the phone) wrote Baking with Julia for THE Julia Child.  Her love of all things French brought her to  her latest cookbook Around My French Table and she is the KEY NOTE SPEAKER AT THE CONFERENCE……..I digress.  After my short experience in the kitchen with fellow French loving Chef Will at Table 3 Restaurant and Marketplace, I’m ready to take my French cooking to another level and hope this book helps get me there!

I hope you enjoyed my first “Favorite Things Friday” post.  I hope to be back next week sharing my love for more things food, wine and life in general!!! Have a great weekend, everyone!!


ALWAYS MY FAVORITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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