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Easter dinner for our family is always an important planning process.  From the menu to the tablescape to the kids table, we put lots of thought and detail into the occasion.  For the last couple of years we have had our Easter dinner at my sister Beth’s.  Together she and I combine our creative ideas and DIY natures to pull together a pretty and festive celebration for our family and along with our dad we create a pretty fantastic menu.  Last year I came armed with my DIY lace-trimmed burlap runner, handmade napkins, pretty pastel plates and fresh flowers from my yard.  Beth provided the dishes and obviously the table along with some of her classic Easter decor.

The place settings were put together using silver charges under Beth’s gorgeous silver trimmed china dinner plates and topped with pastel salad  plates that I found in the Dollar section of Target.  We wanted the table to be elegant and festive, but not fussy, so we used a mixture of formal and informal elements.  Happy Easter, everyone!!!!

Here’s what we ate:

Now for the fun DIY stuff to make your table beautiful!!!!!

DIY Burlap Runner:

  • 3 yards burlap (or to the length of your table plus 6-8 inches drop on each end)
  • 4 1/2 yards 2-3 inch width lace
  • Tacky glue


Cut the burlap in half the length of the material.  Trim any loose frays from the edges.  Using tacky glue, glue the lace along the edges of the burlap to cover any frays.

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Arrangements can be easily made with blooming flowers from your garden.  Since last winter was unseasonably warm and Easter fell a little later in the year, my snowballs and iris were in bloom, so I found a large glass bowl and arranged a low arrangement for the centerpiece.  It looks like this year we will have gorgeous forsythia and Bradford Pear branches to decorate with until all the colorful flowers make their debut.

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Adding a single stemmed flower at each plate gives a little extra fresh touch.  These gorgeous silver wine cups were given to us by our grandmother.  Beth got the wine cups and I was given the water goblets.  They are so pretty on a table for any occasion.

adult table5 Bright napkins gave a nice pop of color to the otherwise muted palate on the table.  My sister made these cute double sided napkins for a Mother’s Day Brunch photo shoot for an article I did for Nashville Lifestyles a couple years back.  If you have a basic idea of sewing, these napkins are easy to make and great to have on hand for any spring occasion.

Double-sided Napkin How-To (courtesy of my sis Beth):

* The napkins shown above were cut in 18-inch squares and were about 17.5 inches when completed. If you want your napkins larger or smaller, the amount of fabric may change.


–          6 yards of lightweight cotton or linen fabric (We used 3 yards for backs of 12, then 1.5 yards of two other coordinating fabrics for fronts)

–          All-purpose thread

–          Transparent Quilter’s ruler

–          Water –soluble fabric parking pen

–          Fabric pins

–          Fabric Scissors and/or rotary cutter

–           Point Turner (a chopstick works great)


Machine wash and dry the fabric. Iron with steam and then use rotary cutter or fabric scissors to cut into 18-inch squares. If making 12 napkins, you will need 24 squares total. Pair up the squares in combinations that you like with right sides together. Iron them again with steam to match up the corners and sides. Pin squares in place together.

Sewing Instructions

1. Join Fabric Pairs- With the fabric squares pinned right sides together and edges aligned, join each pair with a ¼ inch seam, starting and ending on one side and leaving a 2 inch opening in the center of that side.

2. Clip Corners and Turn Napkins- Clip the corners off to eliminate their bulk when you turn them right side out being careful not to cut into your stitching. Turn each napkin right side out, using the point turner to push the corners into shape. Spray each turned napkin with water (or Best Press) and then press them flat. Iron in the edges of the opening so that they line up with the seams of the rest of the napkin.

3. Mark and Topstitch Napkins- If you are a beginning sewer and worried about stitching straight lines, this is where the ruler and water-soluble pen will come in. Draw a line parallel to and ¼ inch in from each edge. Topstitch along your marked lines all the way around the napkin. This should close the 2-inch opening that you had on one side, making sure to lockstitch and the beginning and end to lock your stitches in place. Clip all threads.

Tips and Ideas

1. To create a little more sass to your napkins, try using a complimentary thread for topstitching. We used green on the pink napkins and pink on the green. If you choose a solid fabric, you might also try topstitching with a zigzag or decorative stitch. Most sewing machines have several for you to choose from.

2. Mary Ellen’s Best Press is a great starch alternative. It is lightweight and comes in several scents. Most of my sewing friends consider it heaven in a bottle!

3. These same sewing directions can be used to make reversible placemats, fabric coasters, or a table runner. You will just need to measure carefully to determine how much fabric you will need.

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