Crafty Easter Table for the Kids

kids table3

 What’s a family meal without a kids’ table?! Well, if you have kids that is.  Kids tables can be fun and crafty, but don’t have to be so “kid friendly” that it takes away from the aesthetic of your “Big People” table.  For last Easter’s kids table, the kids made an egg tree with their beautiful coloring skills.  We found fun Easter Bunny plates and placed them on my sister’s “sparkly” chargers and even though we knew the temptation to eat it before dinner, we made precious homemade chocolate bunnies!

kids table2

We used the double sided napkins that my sister Beth made that we also used on our “Big People” table, but flipped the napkin around and used the other less busy side since we had so many other things going on with our table decor.


I picked up these melamine plates in the Easter section at Target.  They are so cute and festive and the kids will love using them year after year.  When purchasing dishes for specific holidays such as Easter or Christmas, try to only get one or two items and use them with your dishes that you already have.  You don’t need to have Easter plates, Easter bowls, Easter cups……you don’t want your table to be too matchy matchy and overdone.  A couple festive pieces will do and will also save you quite a bit of money and cabinet space.


 While the adults got single-stemmed flowers at their place setting, I thought the kiddos might appreciate something a little more “kid friendly” at their table!  As if there wasn’t enough candy in their little bodies thanks to the Easter Bunny, it only seemed fitting to add about a pound more of sugar! I found large Easter Bunny chocolate molds and used Wilton candy melts and my trusty Wilton Chocolate Melter (soooooo worth the $20) to make these adorable bunnies.  It took a little time because you have to use a small paint brush and melt a small amount of the colored candy melts at a time for each different section, let it harden and then pour the main color and let it harden.  I must admit that just getting a chocolate bunny in the Easter candy aisle may or may not have been a little less time consuming and perhaps (okay definitely) cheaper, but that would have taken all the crafty fun out of it.

bunny pop

 Cute little egg holders that I found several years ago in the Target Dollar section were perfect to hold the bunny pops (yes homemade as well) and Cadbury Mini Eggs were great and tasty anchors!


 I found these Easter egg templates online and we had the kids color them the night before Easter.  Not only did it make for the cutest “Egg Tree”, it also gave them something to do while we prepped for the big meal.


 Once their masterpieces were finished, we cut out the eggs, punched a hole with a single hole punch and strung them with light blue ribbon to hang on the tree (a branch we cut in Beth’s yard).

egg tree2 We used a cake stand to build up the table, placed a pretty crystal bowl in her gorgeous Easter egg wreath,and  filled it with decorative eggs that helped to anchor the “tree”.  After hanging the eggs we added little wooden carrots that I found at Dollar Tree.



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