Our House – A Before/After Bathroom Reveal

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You know what I think is pretty nasty? My old bathroom.  Now the cabinets probably looked a bit spiffier back in 1987, so I can’t be too mad at them and like many of us middle-agers, they could get a little push into this century with a small makeover.  What I can’t under any circumstances make excuses for or give some kind of miraculous new look to is the carpet.  Yes, I will admit that linoleum floors aren’t my favorite, but can anyone….I repeat, ANYONE?!?!? tell me why in the world a carpeted bathroom EVER seemed like a good idea.  That’s what I thought!  Like everything in our house, this bathroom makeover happened in a three-year phase.  I WISH that the floor was the first to go, but we (Drew) weren’t quite prepared to take on tiling at that point, so immediately after I finished the kitchen cabinets I went straight to the bathroom.

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I refaced the cabinets in pretty much the same manner as the kitchen cabinets, but opted for a white primer rather than a tinted primer and used a color called almond.  The trim in the room is high gloss white, so the color is a small but subtle contrast and also blends nicely with the tile.  The old icky contractor grade mirrors were replaced with two mirrors I purchased at a 50% off mirror sale at Hobby Lobby.  The terrible strip o’bulb lights fixture was updated with a new sconce fixture and the faucets were also updated from brass/”crystal-esque” faucets to brushed nickel.  Those changes alone made a HUGE difference.

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Because the mirrors were contractor grade and went from wall to wall, the new mirrors had to be centered over the faucets leaving room between that needed some sort of wall art.  Years ago I found some antique nautical bookplate prints on eBay and matted and framed them at – you guessed it – Hobby Lobby.  I have quite a bit of accessories and needed a place to hang it all rather than dumping my necklaces in a drawer to get all tangled, so I found some wall hooks at one of my favorite little home accessory boutiques in downtown Clarksville called HodgePodge.  Years ago I picked up a book by Katie Brown called Outdoor Entertaining: Taking the Party Outside.  She had this awesome idea to frame sand from your family beach trips and display them as wall art.  I will continue to add to ours as we vacation at different beaches and I absolutely love the contrast in the color of sand from the different beaches.

Here is a quick rundown on how to create beach trip sand wall art:



Elmer’s Spray Adhesive

Matted frames of desired size (I used matching white 8×10 frames with 5×7 mats found at Walmart)


Cut a piece of paper to fit in the frame (to be honest, I used the back of the paper that was already in the frame…….shortcuts) Spray the paper with Elmer’s Spray Adhesive and sprinkle sand to cover sprayed area.  Shake off excess sand.  Once dry, place paper in frame to ensure the mat opening covers the sprayed area.  Using an acid-free pen, write the beach and year your family took the trip.  You can hang the frames in any manner of ways.  I hung mine in a narrow area between two closets, so I hung them one over the other, but you could hang them in a square pattern if you have four or more frames.

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Drew hung a little shelf for my other accessories and perfumes.  A wood/iron coat rack from HodgePodge holds all my bracelets.  There was room for a small cabinet that is perfect for extra towels and my hair dryer, straightener and curling iron.  I picked up iron towel hooks and racks50% off at from Hobby Lobby.  I have a small obsession with Hobby Lobby and if you are new to shopping there, here’s a little tip, almost everything in the store will be on sale about every other week with the departments varying each week, so there really isn’t ever a reason to pay full price for something.

0036 - Copy - Copy .
The final renovation in the bathroom was the tile around the tub.  After years of moisture, the wall around the tub needed some repair and rather than getting into the trouble of patching and dry walling, Drew added a moisture barrier with tile and for less time and probably money, it really added a nice finishing touch to the room.

bath collage


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  1. You may wish to give your semi-outdoor space a bit of a makeover
    to encourage frequent use. Gorgeous renovations don’t happen
    by accident, structures that last hundreds of years are not a fluke, and fine workmanship takes years and years
    of dedication. I know that the changes we’ve made in my parents home are greatly appreciated.


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