Happy 4th Birthday, Hunter Bear!

hunter collage1

Baby mine, don’t you cry.  Baby mine, dry your eyes.

Rest  your head close to my heart, never to part baby of mine.

Little one when you play.  Don’t you mind what they say.

Let your eyes sparkle and shine, never a tear baby of mine.

If they knew sweet little you.  They’d end up loving you, too.

All of those people who scolded you.  What they’d give just for the right to hold you.

From your head down to your toes.  You’re not much goodness knows.

But your so precious to me, sweet as can by baby of mine!!!!

To our precious Hunter Bear,

I can’t believe it has been 1,461 days since you came into our world.  I know I haven’t done everything right in my life, but every time I look into your big  blue eyes, I know I must have done something right for God to give me you! You’re the funniest, kindest, silliest little Bear we know and every day with you is the greatest day.  We are so proud of the big boy you have grown into.  You love your friends and your family and always make us laugh.  You make Mommy & Daddy proud of you everyday with your good manners and kind heart.  I’m sad that time is passing so quickly, but I can’t wait to watch the amazing person you will grow into.  I will love you more today than yesterday and more tomorrow than today!  You and Daddy bring so much joy to my life and I feel honored that I get to be your mommy!  We love you “the most, the most”!!!

All my love!


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