Give ‘Em Ragu App Has Launched!!!!

I have laughed my patooty off lately at all the hilarious Ragu Commericals for their new “Give Em Ragu” campaigns.  There is nothing grosser as a kid than when your mom takes that thumb licks it with her tongue and then goes straight for your face.  The smell, the swipe……disgusto! And guess what?!  Like some grody parental rite of passage, I am now I am a thumb licking face swiping mom.

Thanks to Ragu and their Give Em Ragu App, we can make our kids the star of their very own Ragu commercial for all the tough trials and tribulations of being a kid and provide endless amounts of laughs and excitement for our families and friends. I hope it’s not just me, but after a VERY long day of mommyhood, work and whatever else fills our day including overly whiny children who seem to be under our heels every step we take, I can’t help but record the meltdowns and get a sick little laugh out of it. I would like to call this a parental coping mechanism. When Drew is out of town I try to get videos of Hunter to send to him and on one particular night we were both about over all the mommy/Bear bonding time we had that week and he was less than cooperative with our “daddy video”. After I downloaded the Give Em Ragu App, I loaded in my “Don’t Take My Picture” video and continued my sick little laugh at Hunter’s commercial. You know what’s funny?! When I showed it to Hunter he seemed a little puzzled at his own meltdown, too, but was more than thrilled to be the star of his very own commercial.

This app is really fun, but there are a couple of glitches (video orientation and length of video before voiceover) that I hope get worked out over time with updates and after that it I will add Commercial Producer to my many mommy hats.

Disclaimer: While this is a paid review of the Ragu Give Em Ragu App, I opted to review this based on my own opinions and personal enjoyment of the app.

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