Easy Christmas Arrangement

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In a hurry? Need a quick and easy fresh centerpiece? Grab a poinsettia and some scissors and you are in business!! I have always loved poinsettias, but don’t love that “fancy” foil that comes wrapped around the bottom of the pot. The big flowers are gorgeous and look great in a mixed arrangement or by themselves. In an effort to simplify party prep for a recent dinner party, I decided to forego an elaborate arrangement and just use cut poinsettias. As usual, they turned out beautifully. In the living room on a side table, I used a large square glass vase for a pinkish-colored poinsettia display and in the kitchen I used traditional red. I grabbed some old milk bottles and an old tool box and voila…..an easy, festive centerpiece!

Check out Southern Living’s tips for poinsettia arrangements for more ideas.

Merry Christmas!!!!!

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