The $20 gift wrapping challenge!

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Since the world didn’t come to an end today, I am sure procrastination has finally expired and everyone is in the throws of a gift wrapping bonanza. Every year when we make our Christmas budget (the elusive one in my head), I never account for the cost of gift wrapping. I like my gift wrapping to have a theme that will coordinate with our Christmas decorations. I can’t imagine spending all that time decorating my house just to junk it up with a bunch of random gift wrapping under the tree. From the paper, to the ribbon, to the gift tags, I like the presents under the tree to be as picture perfect as the tree itself. All that being said, I have a small obsession with the Dollar Tree. I’m not sure I know many people other than myself who can manage to spend $50 in one trip at the Dollar Tree and I’m also pretty sure the 50 people behind me in line aren’t too thrilled with my 50 items that I am purchasing, but, gee, how I love that place. With all my Christmas dishes packed and in storage this year, the Dollar Tree provided me with simple white dishes and I was still able to host a dinner party for 10 without having to dig through boxes to find the one labeled “Christmas China” or resort to paper plates. The handpainted wine glasses made great favors for our guests, too.
Okay, so back to the gift wrapping budget. After spotting this awesome brown wrapping paper with gold stars at none other than the Dollar Tree. I knew that I had to have it under my tree and there formed the $20 gift wrapping challenge……yes, I said it, $20 for ALL the presents! Paper, ribbon, gift tags, gift bags and tissue paper…….20 bucks! Guess what?! With a little help from Pizzazzerie and Courtney’s adorable Free Holiday Printables, I won the challenge!! I’m not sure I won the sanity contest from the looks of the other patrons when I was pulling out all the paper from the bins in search of every roll of star paper or the love of my husband who I had to send back a few times for more ribbon (just a tip, not much ribbon on a $1 spool), but here we are on 12/21/12 and all my gifts are wrapped and I didn’t break the bank making them pretty. Let’s hope everyone likes what’s inside that beautiful wrapping as much as I think they will like the outside.
Layered over striped parchment paper and silver chargers, my simple white plates from Dollar Tree totally came through for my dinner party tablescape.
winter white sangria2
Green glassware from Dollar Tree handpainted with a festive design helped create a pretty bar for the party.

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