“Doctored Up” Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Growing up we had this term called “Doctoring it Up” we would use when we would take something that was premade and just add a few things to make it a little better or make it seem a little more homemade.  Our favorite thing my parents would “doctor it up” was Totino’s pizza on Friday nights by adding olives, spices and more cheese.  Drew has been traveling quite a bit with his new job and that has put me full into the throws of feeling like  a single parent at times, so with all the parental responsibilities on me as well as all those lovely household responsibilities along with the never-ending work responsibilities, I simply don’t feel like cooking every night.  There really isn’t anything quick nearby and after several long days like this, going to “Mexico” again with an ornery little Bear seems less than appealing.  As we all know, you can win over those little tummies very easily with a simple PB&J with a side of veggie straws, but finding something for myself can be a little bit more of a challenge.  On one said night, I just decided to raid the pantry to find something for myself.  Thanks to that super successful P90x P60x that invaded our house a few months back, there were still a few remnants of the madness in the pantry.  When I saw the tomato soup, tomato basil bisque suddenly came to mind at which point it was time to raid the fridge to make that happen.  I set the soup on the stove to heat up and added about 1/4  cup of half and half, a 1/2 ounce or so of  goat cheese, 2 tablespoons fresh basil and a little salt & pepper to taste and my vision was complete, well, mostly complete because no tomato soup is complete without a little grilled cheese on the side for dipping.  It turned out to be just enough for me and delicious at that.

Starting with a base of tomato soup, it is easy to “doctor it up” using ingredients in your fridge.

  Adding half &  half gives it a creamier consistency like a bisque, but without all the fat and calories in heavy cream.  Goat cheese adds another flavor dimension







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