Archives for December 7, 2012

Give ‘Em Ragu App Has Launched!!!!

I have laughed my patooty off lately at all the hilarious Ragu Commericals for their new “Give Em Ragu” campaigns.  There is nothing grosser as a kid than when your mom takes that thumb licks it with her tongue and then goes straight for your face.  The smell, the swipe……disgusto! And guess what?!  Like some […]


“Doctored Up” Tomato Soup & Grilled Cheese

Growing up we had this term called “Doctoring it Up” we would use when we would take something that was premade and just add a few things to make it a little better or make it seem a little more homemade.  Our favorite thing my parents would “doctor it up” was Totino’s pizza on Friday nights […]