Thanksgiving Centerpiece

No Thanksgiving table is complete without a beautiful centerpiece.  I am a professional hobbyist and enjoy all the different aspects of entertaining and probably one of my favorite are the flowers.  Since I started this blog not only have we just had so much on our plate with no real time to entertain, but I have been so focused on the food and recipes.  Please don’t misunderstand me, I truly love the menu!!!!!! BUT, looking back at last year’s centerpiece, I really kinda miss the whole shabang.  I am hosting my family for an early Thanksgiving this weekend and really have limited dishes and accessories to set the table with, so it will really force me to get creative with my tablescape. Hopefully what I come up with for this weekend will be shareworthy, but in the meantime, if you are hosting your Thanksgiving dinner, here is the centerpiece I put together last year.  And as a little disclaimer, the shotty pic was pre-wonderful camera (Canon Rebel T3i) with equally pre-wonderful lens (f1.4/50mm) that I am pretty obsessed with!

Items Needed:

– 1 low bowl glass container about 9 inches in width (can be found in the floral section at Walmart)

– 1/2 package green spanish moss (can be found in floral section at Walmart)

–  4×4 piece of wet foam floral quick Oasis, soaked for 2 minutes

–  floral cutters

–  4 medium white hydrangeas

–  3 large sunflowers

–  2-3 stems green hypercium berries

–  5 stems solidago

–  8-10 red chrysanthemums


1.  Soak Oasis per package instructions.  If using quick oasis, do not oversoak or it will break and create air pockets.

2.  Place Oasis in bowl and fill around the inside of the bowl with the Spanish moss to cover Oasis.

3.  Cut hydrangea stems to about 1-2 inches.  Place one hydrangea down to the base of the stem in the top center of the foam.  Continue to place the remaining hydrangea in a circular pattern around the outside of the foam trying to cover the Oasis from view.

4.  Cut solidago stems to about 2 inches.  Place on salidago in the center of the top oasis and push in to hide stem.  Continue to place the remaining solidago around each side of the Oasis about halfway down the side.

5.  Cut sunflower stems to about 1-2 inches.  Place a sunflower bloom between the solidago around the sides, but closer to the top/center top of the side.

6.  Cut hypercium berry stems into small bunches to about 1-2 inches.  Below placed sunflowers between solidago stems, place berries about midway down side of foam.

7.  Cut red chrysanthemum stems for individual flowers about 1-2 inches.  Fill in on each side of hypercium berries and around top of arrangement.

8.  Spray with floral spray daily.  Arrangement should keep for several days if Oasis remains moist.

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  1. Look gorgeous, Amanda! I love the term “professional hobbyist” 🙂

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