Kate’s Corn Cupcakes

Kate’s Corn Cupcakes


  • 1 box Yellow Cake Mix
  • Buttercream Icing (Wilton with some tweaks)
  • ½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, room temp.
  • ½ cup of solid vegetable shortening
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract
  • 4 cups confectioners’ sugar
  • ½ cup (varies) of milk
  • 5 drops of Yellow Food Die


  1. Cook cupcakes per instructions on box in white cupcake liners.
  2. Beat butter and shortening together until smooth. Add Vanilla, beat some more. Add 1 cup of sugar at a time alternating between milk. Beat until smooth. Add milk for wanted consistency. Then add Yellow die.


Kate's notes - "I used varies colors of yellow, cream, and white Jelly Belly’s to top of the iced cupcakes in rows to make corn. I melted yellow starbursts for a few seconds in the microwave to make them soft so I could mold them to look stretched. I placed it on top of the Jelly Belly’s to make the butter. I added white and black sugar sprinkles for the “Salt & Pepper”. Last, I added corn holders to the ends of a set (3 cupcakes)."

corn cupcakes

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