A “Train Track” Party for Hunter Bear

Take the slacker train to Clarksville and I’ll meet you at the station……..So, I kind of feel like a slacker mom right now.  Nearly 9 months ago our precious Hunter Bear turned 3 and I am just now getting his party posted.  As most little boys are, Hunter is train obsessed and requested a “train track party” for his big celebration and it is safe to say that I became “train track party” obsessed trying to create the perfect soiree for our little conductor.   We live in Clarksville, so it was only fitting to rent the historic Clarksville Train Station for his party.  An Etsy search led me to the most adorable printables from Anders Ruff.  Their Vintage Train Theme Printables were absolutely fitting for the party since we were so lucky to get to use the train station.  The location couldn’t have been more perfect, but aside from the giant train engine and caboose that the kids could play on, there wasn’t much else to do, so before lunching in the “dining car”, the little party goers decorated train cookies and colored and painted train pages.  It was such a fun experience for all of us and I feel blessed that my amazingly talented photographer sister-in-law captured pictures so I could run around like a mad woman getting it all put together.  As of late HB has requested for his “6th birthday” (4th – we need to work on counting a little more) a “Hulk party”, a “superhero party at Walmart”, a “donut party”, and I think as of late it has changed to a “ninja turtle party”.  Not sure how fun a party in our sewer drain system will be, but if it can be done this mommy will certainly try.  Cowabunga, Dude!

And if you’re wondering…..the Monkees really were singing about our little station in their legendary hit!


Party design & Styling – Amanda Hardin

Photography – Wendy Hardin Photography

Location – Historic Clarksville Train Station Museum

Printables – Anders Ruff Vintage Train Birthday Party

Paintable Wooden Decor – Hobby Lobby

Fabric – Hobby Lobby

Lunch Boxes – http://www.nashvillewraps.com/

Sandwich wrappers & striped straws – Shop Sweet Lulu

Train hats, train whistles & bandanas for favors – Oriental Trading

Large train cookie cutters – Amazon.com


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  1. Amanda, you did an awesome job! That is one great party. I bet Hunter had tons of fun:)

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