Archives for October 21, 2012

Apple & Onion Slow Cooker Chicken with Fresh Herbs

This is just a pretty plain and straight-forward post for your Sunday Supper.   Maybe not for this Sunday since it would be 10 pm before you got to eat, but definitley one to put on the menu for next Sunday.  After a little bit of prepwork, set your crockpot,  head to church and by dinner […]


The Breakdown – Cabana’s Lobster Brie Mac & Cheese with Crispy Country Ham

I can honestly say that from the very first time many years ago that I put Cabana in Hillsboro Village‘s Lobster Mac & Cheese in my mouth, that it immediatly raised the bar to universal levels for mac & cheese.  Never have I ever tasted something so rich and delicious and full of huge chunks […]


Nana’s Sausage Cheese Grits

I write this post with such a bittersweet heart.  Right now my sister and I are sitting in my grandmother’s den recalling all the hilarious things that dynamo of a woman has said throughout our lives while she lays in her bed in the frailest of states in what has become the last stretch of her […]