“There’s a New Chef in Town” – Hunter’s Culinary Adventure

I was recently asked if I was completely self-taught in my cooking skills and while I haven’t attended culinary school or taken any real cooking classes, I can’t say that I’m completely “self-taught”.  Cooking is somewhat of a defining component of my family and my childhood.  It’s what we do.  I have my dad to thank for the fundamentals of my cooking skills and definitely for my love for cooking.  When I picture my dad, I picture him cooking.  When I’m with my dad we are cooking.  We love food! We love to cook food and we love to talk about food.  I don’t get to spend as much time with my parents as I would like, but when we are together we spend amazing quality time in the kitchen cooking.  It seems that with all my time in the kitchen that I am setting the same stage for Hunter and here lately he has really taken an interest in cooking, too.  I have to admit that over the holidays when I was on a psychotic baking spree, it was a little distracting with two extra hands in the flour making two extra hands of mess, but he loved helping me, so I had to step back and put myself in his little shoes and remember how fun it has always been for me to help my dad.

A few nights ago, Hunter brought his sushi play set up to the kitchen while I was roasting tomatoes (stay tuned).  We had eaten sushi the night before and he wanted to make sushi like the “Dragon rest-a-rawnt”.  I always know my when my kitchen help has arrived when he scoots the kitchen chair over to the counter and proclaims “I want to help”, but this time it wasn’t to help me, but to “make dinner for daddy”.  He stood at the refrigerator door with great determination to create a fabulous meal for his daddy and just started pulling stuff out.  Of course, I stood there like a deer in headlights as I saw them pile up on the counter thinking of the enormous mess that would soon ensue, but stopped myself, grabbed him a mixing bowl and let him get to work.

How delicious do these ingredients look?!  Leftover edamame, pickles, a cucumber, shallot, portabella mushroom and flour tortillas.  Not pictured is the egg that he insisted on having as the final ingredient.

Chef Hunter was definitely hard at work making “dinner for daddy”.  Unfortunately, it was “only for daddy” and I didn’t get to try any……..maybe next time.

I know your mouth is watering right now!

Sidenote: I somehow convinced him the mushrooms would completely mess up his flavor profile, so I was able to rescue them for dinner the next night. 

Hunter wanted to do a taste test to make sure that it was perfect for his daddy.

Don’t worry! I didn’t let him the raw egg! Sadly for Drew he had a work dinner and didn’t make it home in time to eat it, but I did leave it out for him to see and to make him a little jealous that while eating a filet mignon at Stockyard, he missed out on this incredible meal.  I’m very excited for all the Mommy & Bear Bear culinary adventures ahead and hopefully the makings of another family chef.

And, Hunter’s future wife (although you must be a perfect specimen to be good enough for my baby boy),  you’re welcome!

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  1. Awww, he is so adorable and yes, I think you have a budding chef on your hands. I love spending time in the kitchen with my kids:) That dinner looks so delicious…..I bet your hubby was upset about missing such a tasty meal…..Hunter Original:)

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