Mommy & Bear Bear Day – A Free (mostly) & Fun Nashville Adventure

Since he was born, Hunter and I have shared Mommy & Bear Bear Day once a week.  It is our special day that we spend together.  I love going into his room that morning and say “Do you know what today is, Boogey?”  Now that he is old enough to understand and remember, I get the sweetest response “It’s Mommy & Bear Bear Day”.  MBBDs sometimes involve playdates with friends, lunch dates or maybe nothing at all but staying in our jammies and sometimes we go on adventures. On our last MBBD we took advantage of our trip to Nashville.  We were picking up Hunter’s beloved and pseudo sibling cousins Ben & Lillie to return the favor to Aunt Bessie and Uncle Matt for taking such good care of our Bear while we went on our Jamai-cation.  We headed down a little early to check out some of the super, fun and most importanly free activities Nashville has to offer.We made our first stop at the Nashville Farmers’ Market and took full advantage of all that it has to offer.  The Farmers’ Market is truly a place to engage all 5 senses.  We tasted bread, smelled the kettle corn cooking, saw all the vibrant colors and shapes of fresh fruits and vegetables, touched the furry “opra” and heard all the patrons talking with the Tennessee farmers that brought all their hard working goodies to the market for us to enjoy.

After the Market, we took a quick spin around the roundabout at Bicentennial Mall to see our beautiful state flags.  We then headed across the river to the fabulous new Cumberland Park.  We saw a train go by, watched boats, rode the glass elevator, looked at the city from the Pedestrian Bridge, talked a little Titans football, walked up about 6,000 steps to the Pedestrian Bridge for another look at the city and took a stroll on the train tracks.  Next time we will definitely bring our swimsuits to run around in the splash pad.

This is the part of the day where I had to insert “mostly” into the Free &  Fun Adventure when we headed a little further east to a place we used to lovingly call home East Nashville.  We stopped for a yummy lunch at our family favorite Rosepepper Cantina and then rounded out the day at the DELICIOUS Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream.

We will definitely put Nashville on the books again for our MBBD Adventures.  There are still so many more fun activities to explore in Nashville and if we plan better and bring along a picnic, we can make it a completely “Free & Fun Nashville Adventure”.  Music City is massive canvas for our little ones to learn and explore about Tennessee culture and history.  I’m kind of thinking we might need to do a little G-rated Honky Tonkin’.  I am happy to say I’m proud to be from Tennessee.  Y’all should check it out!!!!

And so it begins!

Time for some taste testing! Bread is an easy one!

Success! He LOVED the Maple Sweet Potato Bread and so did I!!!!!!!! Moist, sweet, buttery, nutty goodness!!!! Like Christmas morning in your mouth!

Looks like we will be taking another day trip! AND making another stop to the Farmers’ Market for more bread!!!

This was so delicious sliced and grilled for our Father’s Day Feast!!!!

Now to the kettle corn……the kettle is loaded and ready for takeoff!

Wait for it…..wait for it…….

Yay!!! Pocorn, Momma……see, Momma? See dat pocorn?

I think we need some squash…..NOT! Very pretty, though!

We loved learning about the enchanted heirloom eggplant. Fairytale, Hansel, Gretel, Ghost and Zebra……stay tuned for a roasted eggplant recipe!

“What’s dis, Momma? It’s green……Green’s my favorite color”

“I shoot da bad guys with dis opra, Momma”

Now off to our next destination!

We crossed the river to a SUPER cool, new free park Cumberland Park. So exciting to get to see a train go by up close and personal.

View from below the Pedestrian Bridge at Cumberland Park

We took the glass elevator to the top of bridge (and then took the stairs back up a little later…..not my idea) and got to see this view of the city!!!

Isn’t Nashville beautiful!!!!!!

Next time we will bring our swimsuits for this really cool splash pad at Cumberland Park.

What little boy doesn’t want to take a stroll on the tracks!

All that “learning” deserves a heaping scoop of Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream in our stomping grounds East Nasty.

The final touch to a perfect day is meeting up with awesome cousins!!!

Thanks for the boost, Ben!

YUM! How to choose?

And that’s a wrap, kids! We LOVED our MBBD Nashville Adventure!


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  1. Looks like ya’ll had fun! I love the pedestrian bridge view of Nashville, especially at night on my way to the Predators hockey games when Broadway is packed with fans. Thanks for linking to my post about the Farmers’ Market!


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