I’m Certainly No Christopher Columbus, But I Made a Great Discovery!!

How do I begin to explain my love for my love without going way back in time to the beginning of when I was a mere shadow of who I find myself to be today?  I will spare everyone those silly details, but I will say that if ever there were a map of my life that held the details of where I have been and where I will go, this Christopher Columbus discovered it the day that I met my most precious Drew.  Clearly there were a few “X”s on the board for all the places I had been, but I like to say that now there are a lot of “O”s to fill in the gaps since the day he came into my crazy life……..Always thinking the world was flat, I had no idea that I would discover a world filled with love and compassion that fully encompasses my heart and soul.  Now our “we” is three and life continues to bless us with God’s grace, so here’s to your journey and the undiscovered world that life awaits!!! Fill in the “X”s with some “O”s and head out into the uncharted territories of your heart……….




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  1. Awwww what cute photos of a cute family! Also, I’m loving your design and your typeography. Fun!

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