Grown to “Scale”

Last spring my incredible husband delievered his talents yet again by building me my dream garden.  I have said before that my grandfather was an expert gardener, who passed along his talents to my expert gardener mother, who passed that down to my expert gardener sister, who passed down whatever was left of that talent to me.  Sorry, Clay, there truly isn’t much left for you by law of dimishing returns.  As completely semi-talented novices, Drew and I planted about 5 too many tomato plants in a somewhat small space and had record heat, so we ended up with an overabundance of tomatoes and not much of anything else.  So much in fact that our garden served as Mr. McGregor’s haven for my little Peter Rabbit tomato-loving friends.  For the record I was happy to share, but in the world of adults we get our thrills doing crazy things like sneaking over to our friends’ houses and stealing their tomatoes, so who am I to stop the fun.  In saying all of that, I sure wish that I would have had an idea of our tomato output in scale, but I guess my radiant lycopene-filled skin will have to be measure enough for that year.

My whole life my family has referred to me as the “rummager”.  I rummage through racks of clothes, shelves of homegoods and more importantly my grandparents’ basement.  For years I have headed down to the basement that is filled with nearly 50 years of their  stuff.  To a lot of people their basement would appear to be dark, dusty and dingy, but to me it has always been the segway to the history and memories of our family.  I have never come up empty-handed and always felt the envy of my other family members who aren’t willing to get their feet a little dirty, but always seem to quickly admire the cool stuff I find……..hands off, people……finders keepers!

So on my latest rummage, I resurfaced with some super fab vintage plant markers and the coolest grab-and-go rummage pick to date, my grandfather’s gardening scale.  I haven’t looked up the date or even asked where this antique “American Family Scale” came from because what I am most happy to know about this scale is that he not only weighed his gardening goodies in it, but that each and every grandchild had a turn at some point in the basket as babies……..history enough.

We just returned yesterday from a vacation to find that we have zucchini, squash and herbs that have reached mammoth proportions while we were gone, so there just might be a lot of (possibly excessive) posts about all the tasty, healthy, and easy things you can do with these veggies. But I will say one thing for sure, it sure did give me the greatest feeling of a novice gardener’s success to see my pickings in my granddaddy’s basket and how I wish I could call him up to share the good news.  And you know what he would say……”Hey, Doll, you did great and I sure would love for you to share them with me.”

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