Drew’s DIY – Tobacco Barnwood Folding Table

Picture it, my garage dark and dusty, full of junk, and the only place I had to do laundry…….until one beautiful day my husband said “Honey, I know you are tired of having to do laundry in the garage” at which point I was certain he was going to say “So, how about I do the laundry in the garage from now on?”  I never imagined that his next words could have gotten any better than that when he said “I am going to build you a laundry room so that you have a nice place to do all my laundry”.  Color me lucky!!!

There’s this thing we women possess that our husbands don’t always understand and it’s called vision.  Fortunately I now have the help of Pinterest to try to convey my visions for things to Drew.  So after hours and hours of searching and a whole board dedicated just to this new fantasy room (Laundry Room Board) we drew up our plans (on a paper towel that eventually got thrown away or used to clean up chocolate milk or something).  Since neither of us possess an architectural degree they weren’t exactly to scale, so we had initially planned on having counter space around the room, but once it was built we realized that unless we purchased a dollhouse size washer and dryer that was going to be an impossibility.  He built the room by closing in a portion of our garage and cutting an opening from the basement stairs into the garage where the room was built, so we had limited to space to work with as to not lose one entire side of the garage, so if you own a smart car, do we have the house for you.  Having to go back to the crumb covered drawing table, the brainstorming began on how to create a custom counter above the washer and dryer for me to fold clothes.  Some friends of ours were about to tear down an old tobacco barn and I have told them a gazillion times that I would love some of the wood to “do something with”.  Buying into my vision, Drew stopped by their farm one afternoon and brought home a large pile.  Never being short on resourcefulness, it occurred to us that we could use that wood for our folding table.  Since I supplied the vision, I let Drew take it from there.

The wood did come from a tobacco barn and spent probably a hundred years outside, so it wasn’t exactly in clothes-folding condition.  After measuring and cutting the wood to size, he started by sanding down the top layer of the wood using a medium grit sandpaper on an electric sander.  After wiping that down, he sanded it again with a fine grit paper.  He found a great Minwax wood stain called Weathered Oak that helped restore the original color of the wood.  He first applied a wood conditioner, which is a must when staining wood.  It helps the stain take better and go on more evenly.  He applied two coats of stain and let it dry overnight (and because this is a weekend project and we were out of time).  Anyway, he then cut 2x4s to the length of the table and attached it lengthwise to the boards running the opposite way.


Once the top of the table was constructed, he applied Parks Super Glaze to give it a glossy bartop finish.  When using this product follow the directions closely.  It isn’t the easiest stuff to work with because you have a limited time to spread it over the wood evenly and because the wood is old and not completely flat it got to be a little tricky.  For our table, which is 8’x3′ it took two boxes worth to apply to get our desired finish.  So, most all tables have legs, so we had to figure out what we could use that would be a little prettier than 4x4s.  The height of the washer and dryer prevented us from being able to purchase something premade, so again resourcefulness came into play.  Drew picked up 4 corner deck posts and cut them to size, painted them white using high gloss trim paint and attached them to the top and just like that I had a beautiful folding table to fold our laundry, which if I haven’t mentioned is one of my very favorite things to do.  (Don’t tell Drew, but I kind of don’t mind it now that I have a nice place to do it in.)

Grody Garage, it’s been nice knowing you, but you have been replaced!!!

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