Zesty Summer Squash Penne Pasta

Zesty Summer Squash Penne Pasta

Well, folks, I am holding true to my word, so here is the first official summer squash recipe.  I would be remiss to say that I cooked up this delicious dish last night, when in fact I caved and cooked a frozen pizza, but I do want to make one thing clear, that is not […]


Grown to “Scale”

Granddaddy's scale

Last spring my incredible husband delievered his talents yet again by building me my dream garden.  I have said before that my grandfather was an expert gardener, who passed along his talents to my expert gardener mother, who passed that down to my expert gardener sister, who passed down whatever was left of that talent to me.  Sorry, […]


We did it!!!! Top 25 Foodie Moms Winner

High Heels to Hot Wheels 002

Well, friends, we did it!!!! I just want to thank everyone for all the votes, support and enthusiasm for Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Foodie Moms!!  I am floored, excited, and honored to be included with the other mommies in this group!!! I can’t believe that my blog is so new and has been awarded […]


Daddy Always Knows Best – Roasted Leg of Lamb with Tzatziki Sauce

Roasted Lamb

Some people find inspiration for the things they are passionate about in people they will never meet.  Being an untrained “kitchen chef”, I have the utmost respect for any professional chef especially the really fun ones that get their own show on Food Network.  I flip through magazines and cookbooks nearly every day looking for something […]


O Basil! My Basil! – An Ode to Pesto

Fresh basil

Oh, Basil! My, Basil! the dreaded wait is done; You started as a little plant and now my gardening has won; The kitchen is near, the food processor I hear, the pesto is forthcoming While fellow bellies try to wait, the hungrier we’re becoming But oh plate! plate! plate! Oh the empty stare of white Where on the stove […]


Just Do It………


So this post is not going to be about what I cooked for dinner tonight and it’s not going to be about a great wine that I think you should rush out and buy.  This is simply my opportunity to put my thoughts on “paper”.  This is my journal, after all, and it just so happens that I […]


Drew’s DIY – Tobacco Barnwood Folding Table

Tobacco Barnwood Folding Table

Picture it, my garage dark and dusty, full of junk, and the only place I had to do laundry…….until one beautiful day my husband said “Honey, I know you are tired of having to do laundry in the garage” at which point I was certain he was going to say “So, how about I do […]


“Summer, Summer, Summer-thyme” Zesty Lemon-Thyme Chicken

Lemon Thyme Chicken

“The temperature is about 88, hop in the water plug just for old time’s sake.  Break to ya crib change your clothes once more, cause you’re invited to a barbeque that starts at 4.” NOTHING says Summer like a fired up grill, a glass of wine, and a great group of friends.  Next time you […]


A Happy Return to Key West – Key Lime Pie Martini


So, if this post is up it means that I am officially wheels up Nashville and wheels down Key West.  My sister and I are headed on a MUCH NEEDED mommy vacay and it just so happens that we are also headed to see a very dear friend of ours, Sarah get married to a wonderful […]


Mum’s the Word Egg White Breakfast Casserole – Hunter Bear Approved

breakfast casserole

So, I get it, just because I enjoy cooking healthy doesn’t mean that I should force it on the rest of the world, in fact, I would rather keep it under wraps and perform a little trickery on the people that come to my table.  I am a true believer that tasty and healthy can go […]